Friday, May 22, 2009

Into The Wilderness I Go.....

First off I feel the need to apologize for the suck-age that was yesterday's post. I am in the middle of some sibling related family drama and was just not myself yesterday and probably should not have posted at all. I will do my best to keep you from such crap in the future.

So, this weekend is our first venture out into a really nice campground the wilderness. We will pitch our tent pop-up that we acquired earlier this year and live off of the land out of our mini fridge. We will eat what we catch steak, chicken and burgers and drink out of the river lots of wine and beer. We will try not to succumb to the elements turn on the a/c so we don't get hot.

It may come as a surprise to some of you that I am spending the weekend in such squalor. I am generally known to be kind of an indoor girl....however I do actually enjoy camping having made lots of childhood memories doing so. We are taking the dog...the one who hates you (don't be offended, she hates everyone) which should be a treat and sending the OTHER dog (the one who would like Charles Mansion) to puppy camp for the weekend. The kids will have a blast and if it storms I plan to head to the next site over and sleep in my mom's insanely large motor home. The one with the potty.

I may not be around bloggy-land this weekend, I may try and *gasp* go without my laptop....hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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17 people fed my need for attention:

Mommy of M's

Sounds like fun!! Don't forget the bug spray!


We are camping too!! Ugh, I HATE bugs and the heat! Should be interesting! Have fun!!!

E @ Scottsville

Have a fabulous "roughin-it" trip! Sounds like MY kind of camping. =0)

Kristina P.

Good luck! I like camping for about 1 day.


Best Wishes for a wonderful weekend and your Mom has the right idea w/the deluxe motor "coach". Maybe you will see the Cullens feeding this weekend...

The Wife O Riley

I love camping, have a wonderful time!


Have a great time roughing it.


Sounds like a great weekend....I am all about campgrounds....not much for wilderness. My real idea of roughing it is Motel least they leave the light on. I am popping in from SITS to wish you a merry weekend!


Enjoy yuor weekend and we didn't mind yesterdays post at all.

Sounds like you are taking the essentials with you.

Carol x

Jim Brochowski

I don't do traditional camping either.

We have a campground we like, but sleep in a cabin there, and at Camp Akita, (that I recently blogged about) we sleep indoors as well.

We also had WiFi at the campground.

You're to be commended for having a portable camping apparatus.

Hope you have a great time and enjoy the holiday weekend.


I hope you went without your laptop! You need to step away from the'll do you good!


I love camping! we have a huge tent and we go several times a year, one year the drunk guy in the spot next to us referred to it as "the f**king kingdom":) we do use blowup mattresses, but i never mind getting dirty, which is funny, cuz i'm not much the adventurous type either! I hope you take plenty of pictures to show and remember baby wipes are a girls best friend!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Yikes! Survive ma'am~ I hate camping! At least you are away from the Goose!


Hope that crazy goose didn't stow away into your truck!


Have a great time!


Have a LOVELY weekend! Enjoy living it rough for a while (well, camping your way, that is.) :)


Oh that sounds like fun camping!! I liked it when (as a kid) we would camp in our camper w/ kitchen and bathroom. That was much better than roughing it!

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