Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not a fan of Twilight? This post is not for you.

First official New Moon poster......... Discuss

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16 people fed my need for attention:

Fritter Chicks™

I love your blog! It is so cute! Thanks for visiting us and welcoming us to the SITS community!




Um, I need to be alone now... :) It would be soooo much better if KStew wasn't in it, but ya know... we can't have everything, can we? :)


Ahhhhh! I LOVE it... it is killing me.. the more we talk about it.. the more I fantasize about marrying ROb.. ah.. Yea! Haha! I can't wait for the new movie and of course this rocks!


Oooh and I have a Twilight giveaway going on right now.. how have you not discovered it?!

Melina and Denise

That's a lovely ... um .. ARTISTIC poster. That's the only thought that comes to mind. A fine piece of ART. Yeah, that's right.


Wiping drool off computer keyboard, sigh. Thanks, Cammie. Still on the lookout for Jacob at the mall.

Kristina P.

I am still slightly creeped out that Jacob is like 16. In real life.


AAAK! It's nice but it makes me MAD! It does paint a picture...but it paints the picture about everything that makes me MAD in this book! Her with Jake and Edward leaving! SNIFF!

Janna Bee

Taylor Lautner is 17 right? I feel dirty... and excited for the next movie. I hope this one is even better!

I still love Edward best.


I am NOT a fan of Twilight, but I'm a fan of you. :) So I will comment anyhow. LOL I'm happy that you're excited. I think it's fun to get excited about such things...I was that way about the Sex and the City movie.


I followed a link from a friend's blog and I'm SOOOO happy I did! I'm a HUGE Twilight fan! I can't wait until November!!! I heard they are airing the official trailer during the MTV music awards!

New Moon was my favorite book because I love the triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella.


Not seen that here. It loks good, will have to check it out..



What I want to know is when can I do that "poke in the hole" thing where you take that girl's face out and put your own!


New Moon was the slowest book, I hope the movie is better.


The Jacob character is only 16-17 IRL???


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