Thursday, May 28, 2009

DO OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes class it is 8:33AM and I need to start all over. I get in my car this morning with my children in PLENTY of time to make it to work on time. This alone is reason to cheer. I glance down and remember THIS

Oh yeah, I need gas. No big deal, we pass a station right on the way to daycare. Off we go listening to the merry tunes of Veggie Tales singing about letting your light shine. We pull into the gas station, I reach into my bag and pull out my walletcant find my wallet. sigh. I must have left it at home. Which is annoying but not a HUGE deal since home is about 5 minutes away. I'm going to be a few minutes late to work.

Get home, dogs are going nuts, look wallet.

I'm going to be a little bit more late to work.

Call myself at work. Self does not pick up (duh) but co-worker does. "Hey co-worker, is my wallet on my desk? It is? Well that is just FANTASTIC because I need gas and don't have my debit card....I'm going to be a lota little bit late to work

Call Joe. This is his fault. Don't ask how, it just is. Yes, I DO realize how lucky he is to have me thankyouverymuch. Ask Joe where super secret gas card is hidden so that if I even make it back to the gas station I don't have to make out with the guy behind the counter (again) to get gas. I am going to be fairlylate to work.

Armed with the gas card I say a prayer that I make it to the gas station and fill up. I'm starting to get mildly annoyed at all the extra steps in my morning which is about the same time that Pierce decides to ask me questions like "How do you make wood?" and "Why are roofs called roofs?"

Get to day care and say a silent prayer that I keep my military ID (the one that allows me on base) in my car so that I don't have to go to the front gate and make out with the cop (again) to get in. Have I mentioned that I am going to be really late to work

Dropping Mallory off in her class is not a quick process. She does fine but I have to say good bye to her through the window when I pass her class to take Pierce to his, and AGAIN when I walk back out....the 2nd time involves kissy faces through the glass. Everyday.

Reminding myself not to speed as I do not have my license on me I head to work. By this point I am sweating like a hooker in confession and really just want to go back to bed. Get to work, and manage to wrangle up $.80 so that I do not have to make out with the girl at the cafeteria (again) for coffee. Seriously wish that I had something to spike said coffee with.

All in all I was only 20 minutes late to work.

Yeah Me

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20 minutes is pretty good..considering.

I really hate days that start like that. It can throw off the entire day! I hope things run a little smoother from here on out.

Jim Brochowski

Alright I will officially quite griping about getting caught behind all the buses this morning.

At least you found some humor in the start of the day, and shared it for all of us to giggle at.

Hope it gets better from here.


Oh I so have those mornings. It's even better when you leave the id card. UGH! I hate that. My only saving grace is I have my kids id's so I use those and say I left it somewhere! HA! :) Other then that. I too have to "make out" with the damn gate guard!


You really should stop making out with so many people to get you ahead in life!! hahaha!

sorry you had a crummy start but yea, 20 minutes isn't too bad!

thanks for the giggle!


Freakin hilarious!! I'll have to cut you now because Bobby and Breydan are looking at me like I'm a raving lunatic!!


Only 20 mins. I think you did brilliant at that.

I just love to hear your stories, they crack me up.



I hate when I have to make out with the coffee girl, but ya know, you gotta do what you gotta do for caffeine.


Dang...that's annoying. At least you're not sick too...

Mommy of M's

All that and only 20 minutes late? Not to bad.

Kristina P.

I do the gas thing, everytime! I see it on my way home from work, and always say to myself, "I will just leave a little early and fill it in the morning." And then, of course, I completely forget, and am rushing out the door!


You made really good time. Nice work. Your daycare drop off sounds exactly like mine. I drop off the older one...walk the baby back to the far back hall, spend the most time in there, walk back toward the front and have to stop back in the older one's room for kisses and hugs. Oh, and sometimes I do silly faces in the baby's window as he's toddling around with his friends.
Gas sucks.


only 20 minutes?!?! Impressive!! What a stressful morning! I'm glad you didn't have to make out with anyone lol that would be terrible ;)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Oh man. What a way to start the day!!

I have something on my blog that might...just might....cheer you up.

It might be some eye candy...maybe.

E @ Scottsville

Cammie, you just make me laugh!

All of your little make-out sessions must leave you feeling totally and completely exhausted!!

I'm glad you didn't run out of gas and glad you made it to work...albeit a bit late!


Only twenty minutes?, I would have been mucking around with this for at least an hour. Impressive.

The Wife O Riley

Only 20 minutes late and you didn't have to mess up your lip gloss making out with everyone. Sounds like a good day to me.

BTW, How DO you make wood?


Man that stinks!!! Sorry... :(


What the heck? Sounds like the second picture on my blog today, all before 9am...

Hope the day only got better from there. At least you didn't run out of gas with a van full of kids. See, it could always be worse.


Oh I hate when days start similar to this!


My day was very similar. I was running on empty, and to make matters worse, I was about halfway to work when I realized I left my coffee at home. Considering that I was also hormonal, I wanted to pull over and cry.

I couldn't, though...can't mess up the mascara.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

that is not even late! That is arriving with style!
Well, judging by one of your tweets, work was fun too! Now? Lets hope you get some sleep!

3 Bay B Chicks

Your new blog design rocks, Cammie. You have never looked better. (And yes, I do equate your own personal identity with that of your blog. You are in fact one in the same, yes?)

Oh, and can I tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog? Not only do you continuously make me laugh, but you also help me to realize that this type of crap doesn't only happen to me.

Thank you!



You were just fashionably late is all...Religous whores? Too funny!


the only thing that could have made your day any better would have been if a crazy goose seeking revenge for his previously-killed-by-the-cop friend sitting and waiting for you when you finally did get to work. maybe in addition to putting your wallet in your purse, you should add one of those really super cute purse size bottles of wine. i think that days like yours are exactly why they make those convenient sizes:)


Oh my are so hilarious...I have had days like that and they are never as entertaining as yours.....but I won't go into details about crawling inside my sewing room window which is always unlocked when I forgot the keys to the front door, and the back door key hidden in the ceramic boot was too rusty to turn in the backdoor. Naturally the dogs kept running in and out of the doggie door like it was a big deal. It wasn't a pretty picture.

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