Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Hate Geese- Chapter 32

I swear I think I need a button and a Mr Linky for posting about hatred for birds. I believe there is a reason they are called "fowl"

Anyways.....this weeks episode of I Hate Geese comes with yet another visual aid. Please see below. You will note that there are TWO geese in this picture. The one I have had my eye on is indicated in red. She is sitting on the nest. Her baby daddy has been missing in action up until about this week which leads me to believe that the little spawn should be hatching soon.

Late last week my boss was attacked by daddy goose. He and mama goose were off in the field towards the back of the above photo. My boss was walking out to her car and noted that the 2 were flying rather quickly towards her face. Mama goose swooped over her and landed on the nest but big bad papa goose continued to his destination which apparently was my boss's face. Now she was not armed with a mighty Kate Spade bag like I was HERE but she did however have a laptop case to protect her. She lifted it to her face just in time and sent papa goose hissing away after he smacked right into it.

Fast Forward to today. Papa Goose is sitting as indicated above right in the middle of a parking spot. Not to be victimized I parked right next to him a few spots away and slowly crept out of my car. He stared at me, I stared at him. I swear I heard the sound of western music playing as if there was to be a showdown. My hand twitched towards my gun purse.

A friend of mine pulls up next to me (after pretending to run me over like we are in high school) and he pulls his window down. I dare him (like we are in high school) to park right next to him. Said friend is not one to turn down a dare so he pulls as close as possible next to daddy goose who is already bobbing his stupid head and hissing at him.

Friend gets out.....hisses back and charges at the goose. goose opens wings like a bad ass, thinks twice and turns and runs......

My hero.

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27 people fed my need for attention:


These geese stories always get me laughing! Who knew going to work would be so difficult?!? Love the new layout by the way ~ so cute! Happy almost-Friday!


There's no way I would've charged at Papa Geese! Those things are scary when they're that close!


Now that is funny! I don't care who ya are! :) I saw a goose the other day and yelled at it just for you! I got yo back homey! :)

Sally's World

i shouldn't laugh, but your fear/obsession/fixation with evil geese is sooo funny i can't help it!!!


I am trying to think of a good goose joke here but I got nothin'. Giggling too hard.


When will you just run the damn bird over with your van?


I'm not a goose fan either. THey are vicious.
Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my sits day! I had ginormous fun.

E @ Scottsville

See Cammie, all you have to do is show them YOU are bigger and badder and they'll run. Oh wait, you're not bigger and ARE afraid. Nevermind. That'll never work then. ha ha ha

Kristina P.

I can't believe she was attacked by a goose! How crazy is that!


thanks for the laugh!


Geese make good guard dogs, now I see why!! Do they have a warning sign in the parking lot?


Those geese can be as ferocious as a dog so I can see why you would be nervous. But it is kind f funny too. Sorry LOL.



Lmao I love this story!! So funny! At school, the campus is almost taken over by geese! It's insane. Sometimes I wonder if we have more geese than students! lol I have heard of people getting attacked by the geese, too, at school. I am right there with you in your hatred! Stupid, stupid geese!


I have only been following your blog for a short time, but I just wanted to tell you, I LOVE your geese stories. They always have me laughing out loud but I assure you I am laughing with you, not at you, I feel the SAME way. I hate them!


So funny!

I'm glad I'm not plagued with those creatures here. (Of course, I do have to deal with snakes...not sure that's much of a trade off.)

If I were you (anyone involved with PETA...stop reading) I think I'd be very tempted to feed them some lead.


LMAO! I love your goose problems!
I HATE birds, too.

Bee and Rose

He is my hero too! What a great post! I could hear the western showdown music too! HILARIOUS!

Geese used to drive me completely insane when I lived in OH!

Your new look is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Kami's Khlopchyk

These geeese lack serious intelligence. Nesting in the middle of a freakin' parking lot?

Bird brains!


There is a never dull moment in your world!

You have to watch out for those geese..they are MEAN buggers!

Hey Mama where's my...

i hate geese too!! they are evil, as well as chickens, i am scared crapless of a chicken!!

call animal control on those fowl!!


LOL! Wow- if they were going to be so protective to their nest you'd think they would have laid there eggs in a better place! A parking lot! Pssh!


LMAO! I agree. Run the damn thing over..."by accident". ;0P


Naughty, Naughty bird! love your new look!


haha your geese stories are cute...well I just wanted to come by and thank you for "feeding" my need for attention on my blog lol...thanks for stopping by and saying Hello It is greatly appreciated and yes I had a marvelous mother's day. I hope you did too. Thanks again...


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
♥ Hugs!


Those poor birds are just trying to protect their babies. You leave them alone! LOL


Oh my God I am so sick of these freaking geese. What was God thinking when he made these things. Hearing that honking is worse than nails on a chalkboard. I HATE GEESE

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