Thursday, May 7, 2009

"I got a dress"

She said sounding like Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman

After assessing my wardrobe I have come to terms with the fact that I will have to do a little shopping for my upcoming trip to our Nation's capital.

Oh Darn.

Here is the problem. For over a year now my office has allowed us to wear jeans to work. This is a nice thing but my shopping for "business attire" has dwindled down to nothing.

So when Joe advised me of all of the dinners and tours that we are attending in D.C. I got a little stressed about what to wear. As usual HE does not have to worry much about this because he will be in uniform 95% of the time. We are attending 4 dinners and 3 days worth of tours that include the White House. Yeah, I can't roll to the White House in jeans.

Easy solution right? I used to have to be business casual so I can just pull out my dressy clothes from back then. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my closet had shrunk them!!!!!!! Stupid Closet.

Now I DO actually have a few outfits that will suffice....I'm not total white trash for Pete's sake. I do however need to pick up a few things.

So last night after work I went shopping for a dress for Thursday night which is when Joe will be honored for his award. I tried on probably 20 different things and came out with a dress. I considered this a success.

My next issue is that I will likely have to wear hose. My legs have not seen hose in literally over 5 years. To say I hate them is an understatement but right now I am the color of a member of the Cullen Family (God I love when I can find a reason to use Twilight in a post) and honestly I could use the benefit of a control top. Hose it is.

I'm not a fan of dressing up. I used to be....I think having kids and therefor the constant threat of being puked on or spilled on has caused me to not want to be as girly as I used to be. This week in D.C. sans children is causing me to have to get back to my girly roots.

Could be interesting. Could be scary.

One more thing.....I need to drop about 20 10lbs before then. Awesome.

50 people fed my need for attention:

E @ Scottsville

You gonna take pictures of you in your dress for us??????



Yeah, I have a need to see the dress!! You need bloggy friend approval, ya know! :)


We all demand pictures! I haven't worn a dress in years, I've always worn dress pants, but maybe this summmer...


um. no. I dont like pics.


I hate pantyhouse and was delighted when Oprah told us to "Just Say No!!"
Pale skin is always In, especially when it *SPARKLES*. I'm a ghosty too, avoid the sun like the Cullens.


I decided a long time ago that hose were invented by men to torture us women. I don't like them, I don't use them.


Yeah, my closet has that same shrinking problem...I'm sensing a conspiracy.

Sally's World

i am so not a dressing up person any more...and i hate shopping for girlie clothes as i don't know what looks good on me...make sure we get to see photos!!!


Sounds like Heaven to me!! I never really lost my girly roots, I guess maybe I'm vain? LOL


We do need to see the dress! Even if it's a copy/paste from the website. I'm sure it'll be great!

I hate, loathe, and despise hose. I believe the MAN (it had to be a man) who invented them will reside in a very warm place...okay, so I'm kidding about that part. But I do hate them.


Welcome to the "I need to drop ___ lbs." club.

BTW...I wouldn't mind a Cullen controlling my top, Edward that is.

The Good Cook

Hey, why not use a self tanner? Noxema has a really gentle moisturizer that adds just a little bit of color - go without the hose! And have fun. And good luck with those pounds. I just hope I don't find any you loose!


Damn closet! lol

But Yay for getting to go shopping and finding something! I wanna see! ;0)

Kristina P.

I am anti-hose, and I don't think you have to wear them all the time.


Ok if you don't want to take a pic of yourself in the dress, at least take a pic of the dress so we can see what it looks like. I demand to see! LOL Ok- I'm a stalker, what can I say?


I will show you mine, if you show me yours. Dress that is. I hate dresses too and have for the wedding in a few weeks.

The Wife O Riley

If I didn't dress up for work in dresses or skirts, I wouldn't get out of my pj pants. It's not so bad.


umm....can we see a pick of the dress? i too have only worn a dress 2 times since my wedding. after gaining weight and being the only girl, i find myself without the driving need to be super girly. i miss it. i used to lvoe it. I think you will be jsut fabulous having fun being a girly girl! we do need pics tho.....


My closet seems to have shrunk my clothes, too! I'm glad that you were able to pull together a few things (plus had a good excuse to shop!).


I love DC - I hope your trip is awesome.

Always a Southern Girl

Have fun shopping. I hate wearing hose too!


YES... we need pics. Don't make me email Joe to ensure the moment is captured.

Days of Whine & Noses

I couldn't tell you the last time I wore hose and since moving from Chicago to Arizona 6 years ago I don't even wear SOCKS anymore!

Visiting from SITS!

Future Mama

Haha!! this I've gotta see! Ok where's the follow-up post with pics?!


Congratulations to your husband on his award!

Wow - tours and dinners all of D.C. - how FUN!

Evil closets - I've tried changing my closets out for new ones, but they ALL seem to shrink clothes. Maybe we should stop using them (the closets, not the clothes)!

Helen McGinn

It was a while ago now but I hope it was a great trip!


I haven't wore hose in forever either! That would feel weird!

Magaly Guerrero

Your clothes are shrinking too? That's going around, I knew it! Hm, once again, I wonder if my problem would be solve if I stop 'swallowing' hot dogs whenever I go home to New York City? Maybe, but we'll never know...

Cairo Typ0

How was the experiment in hose wearing? LOL


Egads...a dress!! Hope you found a few cute ones.

Reluctant Housewife

Wow. Your trip to DC sounds so exciting. I'm glad you found a dress - that can be such a challenge.


Congratulations on hubby getting an award. Speaking as a guy, I think women look better in hose when they wear a dress. Anyway, enjoy your SITS day!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

Ugh, nylons! I had to wear them in middle and high school. TORTURE! I have rarely wore them since and for sure have not in a decade. I hope it goes/went well!


I've been ignoring hose and wearing Spanx (or the cheaper Target knock-off). Happy sits day!


OMGoodness - can I say I relate on every level? I have an evil closet too - gremlins go in there at night and just shrink them up.

Please update with a photo in your finery:)!

delilah, the unruly helpmeet

Oh, I shudder to think of wearing anything but jeans. Especially involving hose.

Happy SITS day!

Creative Junkie

omg, I remember hose and high heels and business attire back from my previous life.

I don't think I would put on hose again if you paid me a million dollars.

Well ... maybe.


I know how you feel-I don't have a single 'dressy' thing to wear anymore. But heck, I have three kids-I'm not going anywhere that I can't go in my track pants LoL.


Ack! I hate dressing up and I hate buying clothes...not my favorite thing to do. LOL!
Happy SITS day!


Happy SITS Day!

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your blog!

Panty hose = evil torture device

Congrats to your husband for his award.

Congrats to you for finding a dress

Double congrats for finding a clever way to insert a Twilight reference. I bow to your excellence, I truly do.



panty hose are the absolute worst. why do they still make them? they should be outlawed or at least pushed to the bottom of the clothing trend with girdles and pointy bras.


I know what you mean about kids dampening your girlie desires to dress up, it's totally happened to me too! And darn your closet for shrinking things, that seems to be going around!


I'm not a fan of panty hose either. I love those dressy pants for that reason!
I'm going to sew a summer dress this week and may even wear it. LOL


It's hard to find a nice dress too....especially after having kids and finding that mannequins are completely unbelievable and need to be more realistic.:)LOL


Happy SITS Day!


I know what you mean about not getting dressed up after having kids. I can't be bothered, anymore, with that fru-fru stuff.

Oh, and my closet also shrinks clothes. That, in turn, shrinks the contents of my wallet. How does that happen?!

Mama Mair

I'm with you sister! Kids and nice clothes don't mix. I gave up with kid No. 2 on purchasing anything nice. I even keep an extra outfit in the car when we go to a "fancy" event with the kids in case I get kid goo on me.
Oh, and hose, overrated. Burn the bras? Heck no, burn the hose!
Happy SITS day!


I'm so with you on the possibly being puked on - this makes me re-think many of my outfits - including black shirt/skirts :)

Happy FB day~


I spend practically every day in my husband's t-shirts. Why dress nice if I have to spend hours getting rid of the stains? I'm sure my other life will return some day. I hope it all went well for you!

Tiaras & Tantrums

I REFUSE to wear hose - ever!!!!!

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