Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

Monday again already??? I swear the weekends just keep getting shorter! You know the drill.....Not Me Monday was created by MckMama to tell the world about all of the things that you did NOT do over the past week. I find it to be rather therapeutic!!

This past week.....hmmmmm.......

I did NOT spend a lot of last week working on a project that I will talk about later this week. I was NOT AT ALL thrilled with the outcome and will NOT expect much attention from you all in regards to said project. What do you all think I am? An attention whore? Not Me.

I did NOT read Eclipse for the 3rd time. In fact I'm not even going to bother mentioning this since all of you already know that I do NOT have an infatuation with the Twilight series. That said, I do NOT plan on reading Breaking Dawn (for the 3rd time) this week as well.

I did NOT decide to start training for a 5K that I may or may not even run in. I was NOT AT ALL proud of myself for not only running on the treadmill, but living to tell about it. I am NOT AT ALL out of shape and I am NOT determined to do this and lose some weight in the process.

Friday I was NOT excited to put my kids to bed so that I could enjoy my Tivo'd Today Show with the New Kids on the Block....I did NOT stop and rewind a few parts more than once while wiping the drool from my chin.

At the same time I was NOT enjoying my New Kids porn Joe was NOT in the kitchen BAKING his daughter's birthday cake. When he told me that the New Kids were gay I did NOT point out to him that he was the one working on a 3 layer pink princess cake.

Saturday.......I did NOT celebrate my daughter's 3rd birthday (more on this on her actual bday which is this Friday) We did NOT have a wonderful day at the park with friends and family.

BFF Liz did NOT give me the biggest smile ever when revealing to me her gift for my daughter which was a t-shirt that read "The Future Griffin McIntyre" who is NOT the son of my beloved Joey McIntyre aka hottest New Kid ever.

I did NOT find that ironic seeing as just 3 weeks ago I did NOT get my friend's daughter a shirt that read "Lil Miss Cullen" for her birthday

I did NOT have a wonderful mother's day!! I did not come downstairs to be greeted with smiley kids wishing me a happy Mother's day! I also did NOT love finding a case of wine, Archivers gift card and 90210 Season 4 waiting for me! Yeah!!!

Hope all of you mommy's did NOT have a wonderful Mother's day as well!

20 people fed my need for attention:

Mommy of M's

That cake is AMAZING, Great Job Joe!!

The Tshirt sounds soo cute!! What a neat idea!


Great job on running! Keep it up!

Hey Mama where's my...

great list!! i saw the pics of mallory on fb, she is too cute, the fit she threw, not so cute lol! hope she grows out of that soon for your sake~

3 Bay B Chicks

Hold the phone, Cammie. Did I just read this post correctly? 90210 season four? I had no idea that you were a fan.

We may very well be soul sisters.

Glad you had a great Mother's Day!



Popping in from SITS. That cake is too pretty to eat! Well, almost...I do love cake. Saw on your profile you are a Twilight fan. Saw the first movie and am reading the book now. I think the book is MUCH better so far. What did you think?

Kristina P.

I do NOT think that cake looks delicious and amazing!

E @ Scottsville

Hey, you tell hubby that he did one heck of an awesome job on that cake!!!! =0)

Happy Monday!


Such a Beautiful Cake, umm, what's the matter w/watching NKOTB???
That's great w/your 5 K training and Happy Mother's Day!!


Great NMM! Cracking up over here! :) That cake rocks!

Sally's World

fantastic post, and another person to convert to my theory of 'the world spins faster on the weekends'

that cake is amazing....I wnat one!!!


Great Not Me's! Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday Mallory! It all makes sense now... she is Taurus! Hehe! :)


Brilliant post. I love the cake My daughter had one the same and that would be 30 some years ago, proving that with kids things go on and on.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Oh! Let's get together and re-read breaking dawn together, while eating chocolate and getting pedicures, and looking at pics of Edward. Am I insane?!? Oh well!


Joe did a great job on the cake!

Eclipse was my least favorite overall (I did like the end of that one), but Breaking Dawn was my favorite.

Way to go with the 5K training!




Wow, if none of that happened then your week sucked!! ;) I totally forgot New Kids were on Today last Friday!!! Not I'm a little pissed at myself.
You're hubby did an awesome job on the cake btw!!
Oh and I loved how the part about you not reading Eclipse was right next to the Edward widget... yum =)


Joe is awesome..that is all..


That cake is AWESOME!

And it looks delicious too :)

I enjoyed the Twilight series but the movie made me laugh. I couldn't take it seriously.

Kami's Khlopchyk

Here's to you NOT running the 5km!

Bee and Rose

Joe's cake is flippin' fantastic!

I love the t-shirt for your daughter! PERFECTO!

Your Not Me Posts are always the best!

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