Friday, May 1, 2009

A Pierce Funny

So funny that yesterday I posted about Mallory's dramatic temper tantrums. Well she delivered another one this that had me close the windows in fear that the neighbors would call child services thinking she was being murdered. It lasted a good 20 minutes where I just kind of ignored her and eventually it was over.

So, my hands are full, Pierce, Mallory and I are heading downstairs to leave for the day when I realized that Mallory's shoes were (for some reason) next to my bed. I asked Pierce if he would please go find them for me since I had other stuff in my hands and off he went to grab them. As soon as he catches up to us (and I should have known better) her majesty says "NO, I want to find them!!!!!!!"

Pierce looks in total annoyance at his sister. Drops them right there on the floor in the hallway and said...."There.....find them."

And walked away.

18 people fed my need for attention:

Domestically Disabled Girl

Yes, isn't it a fun age? Asher begins each day with a massive fit. Then? Complete angel all day long at daycare, until I arrive. Then? Let the fun begin again. Toddlers!

Mommy of M's

How cute! He totally put her in her place!!


Hahahaha I'm sorry, but that's FUNNY! Sounds like something that I would do to my TT thrower.

E @ Scottsville

Sounds like he's got a grip on how to deal with his little sister. Pretty funny!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Ha! That's something I might do....My boys both have their masters in temper tantrums. Fun times, fun time.



LOL that is by far the best ever.


Funny AND Smart kid!


Haha!! Great graphic!


LOL Siblings get so fed up with one another. I love it!


He is SO his mother's son.


That is hilarious! She's lucky he didn't throw them at her!


WOW...only 6 and already has that 'FU' attitude as his mom!


The Wife O Riley

Vivi always wants to do something I ask Emerson to do. If I ask Vivi to do it, forget it.

Hey Mama where's my...

i wonder where he got that quick witty comeback from...oh, probably his mom!! too funny~

Bee and Rose

You have to admit, the kid's got game! lol!


Holy crap! That made me laugh out loud at my desk. I am getting some really annoyed looks... Thanks Cammie! :)


My children behave the EXACT same way. Cameron hates when I ask him to find something for his sister because as soon as he does, she freaks out and demands to do it on her own. Grr!!


LMAO! Pierce is hilarious!

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