Friday, May 29, 2009

Sally Hanson.....she IS your friend

Amy my dear, this post is for you.....since I know you looooooove woman with facial hair.

Dear Lord I needed to pour bleach in my eyes before I even made it to my desk this morning. I rode the elevator up this morning with 2 people who had fairly identical mustaches. One was a guy with some upper lip fuzz, one was a girl with some upper lip fuzz.

Now before I go any further let me explain. I am not talking about the peach fuzz that most of us women are inflicted with, the kind that can either be bleached into obscurity or removed with a quick strip of wax. I am talking full on STACHE.

It was like a train wreck I tell you. I could not help myself to NOT look. When I was telling my friend who sits next to me she is all, "I think I know who you mean, does she wear glasses?" I honestly could not tell her because I could not look away from the caterpillar sitting on her face. can you NOT look at that and realize that as a woman you should not have that much hair on your upper lip. There is no possible way she does not see that she looks like a 70's porn star. I know it is genetic and all but they MAKE STUFF FOR THAT. Anyone who works here can afford a $5.99 box of THIS.

I would even be happy to share my brow lady if it means never having to see that again in the workplace.

Wal-Mart yes, work NO.

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15 people fed my need for attention:


Ah, the blessings of light-colored hair. On the legs too....

Kristina P.

So, I have a light stache. It's not really noticable, but I break out with waxing. And you may have seen my post about the disasterous Smooth Away.

SOmeone told me the little brow trimmers are good for it.



seriously, eww!

ps the trailer for new moon premiers sunday at 7:45 pm, did you know?

i can't wait!

E @ Scottsville

I took have that affliction --- but mines peachy, but not the caterpillar type. Blech!

I sat here feeling sorry for the gal, yet you're right THEY MAKE STUFF FOR THAT!

Cammie, buy a box, keep it in your purse, and next time, just give it to her! ha ha ha

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I have the fuzzz....I keep wondering if it is enough for the wax but my brow lady hasn't suggested it yet. An inch isn't long right?




So sad, she needs an intervention.

Kristina with a K

Thank you so much for swinging by my blog Cammie and for the warm welcome to SITS!

And I just gotta comment on this 'stache thing. I know it is probably considered rude, but I wanna just say "Honey, you've got to do something about that" I'm the type of person who will walk up to a stranger and tuck in their shirt tag tho.

How in the world can or could you even address that to a strange woman? I wish there was a tactful way. :/

The Wife O Riley

When my sister went on that 4 month birth control shot, she grew a nice one. We called her Gene Shallit or Saddam until she went and got it taken care of. We are evil.


Brow waxing changed my life. So has upper lip waxing. I'm Sicilian. We've got thick hair all around!


I have a little one that really isn't that noticeable, but someone in high school started calling me Mustache Woman behind my back and I've never recovered. I wished someone was nicer about it and gave me the product or something...

Maybe if you see her again you can figure out where she works exactly and leave a product on her desk or something...


loving your blog!


You could have said what my pedicurist said to me last week, when she asked if I was getting a brow wax too: "No? But your brows look terrible. Just terrible." Thanks lady, but I have it under control! (Had plans the next day to have my hairstylist do it).


Thank you for posting this. You know exactly how I feel about mustachio hair. And I don't have a problem letting another hottie know that she needs to handle her shit.

You truly are helping many hairy women across the country and for that, you should be proud!


LOL - I love my wax lady - she takes care of me regularly!!! That is sooooooooooo funny and a tad bit sad.

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