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Before I grumble about my pain I would like to point you towards my book blog. I was given the opportunity to review a book called Reunion by Therese Fowler. My review is up and if you are interested I am giving away the copy that I was given....you have to post over there if you want to be entered and I am having random.org pick the winner on Friday.

Now onto my regularly scheduled bitching.

I am sore. Why? Yesterday I tried something new.....I ran. Without a fire, a sale in the wine aisle or Edward Cullen cheering me on (oh wait, more on that in a minute).

A few months back Kami (cool name right?) sent me a program to get started on a running program. While I have never EVER been a runner, or even WANTED to be a runner, I thought that it would be a good way to get in shape and drop some weight.
Then I was given a little more incentive to want to do this......My sweet friend Andrea lost her husband in a tragic work accident last fall. Andrea and the company that her husband Matt worked for are having The 1st Annual "Run for Row" Memorial 5k.

When I first heard about this I knew right away that I wanted to be there to support Andrea and my other friends that would be running, no way did I plan to RUN in it. Actually I still don't have plans to run in it but maybe I could run/walk it. We will see.

Yesterday was day 1 towards "maybe" doing this. We will see how I do in the next few weeks....this week was the easy week.
Today I hurt like hell. To say I am out of shape is being nice.
Oh and Edward......he actually DID kind of help. I had Twilight (the movie) playing on my iPod while I was on the treadmill....in my mind I was running to him........heehee

23 people fed my need for attention:


Yay for you!!!

What kind of running plan is it?

I'm a big fan of the Galloway program...It starts off with running a minute and then walking for four minutes.

I'm so interested and excited!! Go Cammie!


Good for you!

I have a motto

"I don't run unless I'm being chased..and I try to keep myself out of the situtaions".

so GO YOU! I admire your ambition!

Jim Brochowski

Go Cammie Go!

You should be very proud of yourself.

For your reader's added enjoyment - I have a sneaking suspicion you're using this program. Maybe?


Good Luck!

Sally's World

I have never been able to run...I hate most excercise, i like to dance, do yoga and i walk, but i'll never be thin as long as i shy away form the hard stuff like running...big sigh...

E @ Scottsville

I want to say I've started running too. But running four times in three weeks probably is more like not a routine. But it's not fun, it makes me miserable while I'm doing it, and 10 minutes was all I could take before I wanted to DIE. Yea, I'm out of shape and pathetic. So sue me! =0)

I feel your pain, Cammie. I really do.


I have missed you too girly! i have been so overwhelmed lately and therefore MIA, but i am happy with the choices to stand up for myself and i truly am feeling better about it all! i still read you faithfully tho! i need my cammie dose daily! so running, wow! i too have been trying it out. i do like it and the more i do it the more i like it. i use shannon as my idol:) how are the geese treating you?


I am so out of shape I don't know if I could run if I tried. Gotta get into shape. Thanks for reminding me *grabs another gummy cherry*

Kristina P.

I never thought I would want to run in a marathon, but for some reason, it's something I've been thinking more about.

Good luck!


I am so proud of you! Edward would be too!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Go Cammie!! I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I am addicted! Be careful with running though. It can be hard on the knees. :)

Mommy of M's

Good for you, I keep thinking I would like to start running to lose my spare tire. I'd be out of breath before I got to the end of the driveway.

ann ominous

Hi Cammie! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I COMPLETELY agree with Shannon. A friend of mine who used to have all kinds of health problems and was OFFICIALLY the most unathletic person ever started running with the Galloway program about 3 years ago. She now has 5 marathons under her belt and is working for Jeff Galloway himself. I'm kind of trying the training programs on an unofficial, I do what she tells me basis and so far....no pain, lots of endurance gain.

this is her website that links to the galloway program :-)



God for you, but take it easy. Lastyear my work pals and I did the race for life. I ran and walked and was so pleased when I finished. This year in June we are doing it again. The race for life is in aid of Cancer, so we felt as though we did a little to help.

Keep up the good work. Carol


Wow! Good luck! (I'm headed over to Girls With Books now...)


I still don't consider myself a "runner", and I can't say that I LOVE to run.

However, once I'm done with a run, I am so proud of myself for doing it, and I love the feeling that I am sore because of a good workout.

Does that make sense?

And good music/good books on an iPod make ALL the difference.

I will be cheering you on! Run, Forrest, Run! You go, girl!


You are so funny...it would help if Edward could be there carrying you though!!! Then you could win any race! Hats off to you for taking this on ... I know I need to start exercising more. Perhaps watching a movie would do the trick! ; )

The Wife O Riley

I found out where my friend got that Edward blanket. If I can get one, you run that 5K and I will send it so someone can wrap themselves up in it and run in front of you. Deal?


Yay for running!!! Boo for being sore!
Great job though for getting started =)

3 Bay B Chicks

If you and I were to ever meet in real life, Cammie, I suspect that we would have a ball. Your sense of humor never ceases to make me laugh. We could even attempt to exercise together and then go out for beers and potato skins.

It would be fun. :)



Woohoo! Good for you! You can DO EET!! =D

Last year I "tried" to be a runner but it's not meant to be. Bad knees run in my family and after a week, I had to stop cuz the pain in my knees wouldn't (and didn't) go away. (Eventually it did but it took a few months!)

Kami's Khlopchyk

Keep going! The pain is temporary and eventually you will learn to love it because it means you had a good workout....

I saw you roll your eyes. Trust me.


And you absolutely can run/walk the 5km. I ran/walked my half marathon. Only the hardcore runners run all out.



Yea!! I am always so excited to see that people are running...I'm a crazy runner person, but not really crazy. I just enjoy it and do it for my exercise method. I like to do it outdoors though...if you get bored on the treadmill, venture and around blocks. I think it's much more entertaining. How exciting for you, even if the reason you wanted to start was so sad. I hope that you friend is doing okay, under the circumstances.

The Richards Family

I am proud of you!!

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