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Goose Rage?

We all know about (or even suffer from) road rage. I know I have been guilty of spewing some not so nice words or flipping a finger on occasion. When I received the following news story from Heather I proceeded to, alternately giggle and then feeling bad for giggling. This man I believe suffers from Goose Rage. Not to be confused with Post Traumatic Goose Disorder which is what I am afflicted with.

Please read the following with a grain of salt...I will put some of my own thoughts in but I don't REALLY endorse cruelty to animals....yes, even geese, which I barely consider an animal.

In Warren County, a sheriff's deputy is under investigation for beating a Canada goose to death. oh, a dead goose....awesome my favorite kind

It was along Columbia Road in Deerfield Township where, at about 10 a.m.
Sunday, Lisa and Artie Kuhn spotted an injured Canada goose.

Lisa called 911, hoping to get the bird some help. what a good Samaritan, I probably would have ran it over to put it out of it's misery......what?? I'm just thinking of the goose

A Warren County sheriff's deputy responded, but the Kuhn family never expected what came next. can you hear the suspenseful music kicking in? What happens next, I have to know

"He raised his club up and began to beat it in front of me and my children and in front of people driving by with minivans full of children" said Lisa Kuhn. "I started screaming, Stop, you don't need to do that, he's not that badly injured!, and he would not relent." ohhhhh, SNAP. Way to kill my buzz here I was enjoying a tale of a soon to be dead goose and now it is ruined with actual animal cruelty.

"And he just kept on beating the goose," said Artie Kuhn, her husband. "And it didn't seem to do any good, so he stepped on his neck with his boot and strangled it, and he was holding his wings down with his club." have to admit....I snickered here just a bit....come on people PICTURE it....

All that's left now are a few feathers on the side of the road. seriously? This is a bit dramatic

Euthanizing a wounded animal is protocol for Warren County Sheriff's Deputies. and by euthanize they mean beat into a pile of feathers?

The Kuhn family is just asking whether there's a better way. They say some warning would've also been nice so their three-year-old didn't have to see the beating. way to pull the kid card, could you not have, ummm, I don't know....driven away?

"Blunt force trauma is what they call it to euthanize the animal ? and I want the policy to change, I want a written apology from him," said Lisa Kuhn. I'm sure this will be brought up at the next town hall meeting

The Warren County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying "the complaint regarding the deputy's actions is being investigated and there will be no further comment until the investigation is complete." or until they stop laughing

Wendy Carroll, who witnessed the incident, says she supports the officer. no, my name is not Wendy Carroll

"This isn't the area to shoot it, so he had to use something and he knew what he had to do and I believe that's what he did, said Carroll. so there

Thank you much Heather for the news story. I appreciate any and all opportunities to spread my hatred of geese through the blogging community!

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22 people fed my need for attention:


Hmmmm... Are you sure your aren't living a secret life... !?!

Mommy of M's

Ugh, Srsly, how disgusting!

Kristina P.

So, why didn't the Sheriff just shoot it?


I had a goose hiss at me during my noon walk yesterday. Never mind the fact that I was mocking her babies. Still...attitude much?


I giggled and didn't even feel guilty about it. :)


UGH! I HATE geese almost as much as you, ya know, cause I haven't been repeatedly attacked by the little monsters. But, this story is sickening. I mean, I get your point of it, and I giggled, but had I read this without your humor interjected and I'd be sick!


If front of kids? That's awful. Hi from the SITStahood.


Oh, girl, you did good! You were the first person I thought of when I read this article.

We have those geese everywhere right now. Makes me giggle about your goose stories everytime I see one.

Love this post. Glad I could supply you with blog fodder :)

The Wife O Riley

My money says the 3 year-old was in the back of the mini van sound asleep or watching a DVD and saw nothing.

They're just lucky the officer didn't then turn to get rid of the witnesses.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Really, at least throw it in the back of the truck and drive it away before you beat it senseless....


Hm, that's a crazy one that is.

This is a bit on the funny side, but someone once blogged about an old man randomly stomping on a gooses nest one day and screaming at the nearby geese that were making all kinds of protests...I pictured you when I read about this. But honestly I thought that was a bit cruel...this was out by a lake! I mean, in your parking lot, maybe -but in a natural habitat- that's wrong.


Wow. Hmm. Ok. (*snicker*)

From Bottle to Box

Thanks for stopping by earlier! I really enjoy reading other people's blogs. Your's is great!


Geese are evil.

Twice as Nice

Not a nice story. I feel sorry for the child. I think it could of been handled better.
On to a better subject. Your children are so cute :o) Thanks for visiting our blog.

Twice as Nice

Not a nice story. I feel sorry for the child. I think it could of been handled better.
On to a better subject. Your children are so cute :o) Thanks for visiting our blog.


Wow, I am sorry for all parties concerned. Maybe the Cullens can start hunting geese? That would solve a host of problems.


heya Cammie, thanks so much for your visit to my blog :)

take care!



fucking awesome! hahaha!

America's Next Top Mommy

Is their protocol the same for injured motorists? Would be good to know if I'm ever traveling down Colombia Road in Deerfield Township!

E @ Scottsville

If you'd ever met Goober, you wouldn't hate ALL geese --- just the wild ones that pick on you. =0)

Dare I do a Memory Lane post with pics of me and Goober? Not even sure I have any pics, so don't stress!

Jim Brochowski

Should have used a 4 iron. Less painful.

Seriously this is just sad. Sometimes I wonder about law enforcement folks. Don't they know everything they do is magnified?

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