Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here we go again!! It is MONDAY. Time to fess up to all of the things you did NOT do last week. Head on over to MckMama's to link up and see what everyone else has NOT been doing!

I did NOT realize that I need to remember to NOT keep track of all of this stuff during the week so that when Monday rolls around I do NOT find myself sitting here trying to remember all that did NOT transpire in the previous week.

I did NOT purposely park close to the Baby Mama goose on purpose more than once last week. I did NOT tell myself that I am better than that goose and I will park where I want....only people who are slightly unstable would carry such a personal vendetta against a GOOSE. NOT ME.
Thursday night did NOT have Joe and I traveling to the fine Wright Patterson Air force base so that Joe could NOT accept award #1 for that awesome national award he did NOT win earlier this year. I do NOT think of this first award as him accepting the "Miss Ohio" version and later when we go to DC next month he will NOT be accepting the Miss Universe National award.

Last Friday did NOT make me want to cry because no possible way did my BABY turn 3. We are NOT going to talk about it because I'm NOT sad that my baby is 3......

This past weekend was NOT drill weekend for Joe.....I do NOT hate drill weekend and cringe every month when it comes around. This past weekend Joe did NOT have guys night after Saturday's drill and just stay out at the base....which had me NOT enjoying some alone time Sat. night drinking wine and playing wii after the kids were in bed. I did NOT enjoy that alone time at all......

Saturday afternoon before said alone time I did NOT pack the kids out and head to a friends house to have a play date. Erin and I did NOT get annoyed every time we had to get off of our lawn chair to push a kid on the swing because we were NOT AT ALL hoping they would entertain each other and let us be for a bit. I did NOT take some great shots of the kids playing

Rach Rachel

Lil Lily

and Mallory.....I do NOT get irritated to never get any good pics of Pierce......

Erin and I did NOT decide to feed our kids a SUPER nutritious dinner at Wendy's so we packed them up and then proceeded to NOT get caught in a monsoon running from our cars inside.

I did NOT spend a part of the weekend bitter and cranky that I was not on the NKOTB cruise with BFF Liz....we did NOT talk about the twitter pics a few times over the weekend and how we hate all those girls that were there.

Happy Monday!!

(PS---Im NOT AT ALL getting pissed to keep coming in to edit and trying to fix my paragraphs so that they do not smoosh together....It is NOT making me crazy thinking that I might NOT have to edit HTML....which I do NOT hate doing....Im NOT thinking that you can just deal with smooshed paragraphs)

23 people fed my need for attention:


I do not hate the smooshed paragraphs too!!! Ugh, it drives me insane!!! Happy Monday! :)


I'm NOT happy to know that I am not the only one with the smooshed paragraph problem!

GREAT Pictures!


I get frustrated too, with not getting any good pics of my oldest. He hides from the camera and the ones I DO get always have him looking like a freak, weird faces, in the midst of talking, etc. And by the way, Wendys is totally healthy.

E @ Scottsville

Great photos, Cammie!

And yes, you may have a kitten...or two....or SEVEN! YOu can have all SEVEN! How bout I mail you one at a time and if it doesn't make it, we'll just keep trying again! ha ha ha. YOu know Mallory would LOVE 'EM!!!


Thanks for not smooshing your paragraphs. I do so hate that.

No not me Monday for me; too much energy and though involved. Sunday's post is gonna have to do for today, too.

Have a great week! And congrats to Joe on his award, and you for the awesome kid pics. They're gorgeous!

Kristina P.

I do NOT want some Wendys right now, for breakfast.


Beautiful pictures! I love it when hubby has drill weekend--I make the boys stay an extra night and the grandparents house and I get to do whatever I want! Which is usually nothing--but that's something!


Cute pics! And OMGOSH Cammie! I saw your comment over at the Girl in the Glasses about celebrity crushes and you stole my answer straight from my lips!!! I could have copied and pasted your comment! Edward, of course, Josh Hartnett and Johnny Depp! Drool!


Beautiful pictures. I did NOT throw a big fat fit that I was not on the NKOTB cruise either...sigh...I will NOT be on it in 2010 I can NOT begin to gaurantee that LOL


Great pictures! Beautiful! ;) Happy Monday love your NMM!


YOu and those geese crack me up!


Hi there, I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hello! Your children are so adorable and I just love their names :-) Have a great week!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy

love your not mes, your photos and your blog layout ad title!!!!!


I was just thinking too - about the twinners thing - I bet neither our hubbys look anything like those men do they? :)

Kami's Khlopchyk

That is a spectacular picture of Mallory. I love it.

Snort, I just read your leave a comment thingy...poor tinker bell!


Following you over from SITS... What beautiful kids!!! Makes it worth the lack of sleep doesn't it?? Love you r blog!! Thanks!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I need to come rid you of those terrible geese, don't I? Stupid, silly things. And my son? NOT turning 3 in only 3 (seriously?@?) months...


I am so Not loving these pics of these so Not Adorable children.
Your hubby so totally Not Rocks, it's Not funny.

I would so Not go insane doing a whole post of this, please pass me the vino.

Memento - Terri

Thanks for the SIT'S welcome!
Oh those Canada Geese! It sounds like you have quite the adventures with them!


LOL! I think Wendy's is MORE than nutritious! I suppose it's why I love feeding my face (and my son's) once a week so I can get a ding dang break once in a while! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


I just found your cute blog! First, you called Angelina, Skankalina, then I see on your side that you are going to Disney and you love Twilight. I think we were separated at birth. I did a post on Brangelina and how I think they might actually smell in real life...ha!


I hate the smooshed photos myself. It is aggravating as rip. I loved the pictures of the children though. They looked so was like being in a fairy world. Stopping by to say good morning to a Sitsta. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Haha Love that you purposefully parked next to Mama Goose. :0P

LOVELOVELOVE the pics you took of the kidlets!

Yay for alone time! =)

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