Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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16 people fed my need for attention:


I think that summer must be the Duggar mating season because she keeps popping kids out in the spring.


You know.. their amount of kids is crazy.. but really they are the most grounded reality tv family.. and I really hope it stays that way.


cammie, let me just say, i haven't really understood the twilight thing. i mean everyone is stalking about it, i know, but for me i'm just not that into the vampire thing. but i finally broke down and read all 4 of the books.
in 3 days.
i couldn't put them down.
and now i can't wait to ssee the movie.
i am enlightened and now i may have to be your "frenemy" and fight you for edward.
i know i'll lose, but...
i have enjoyed catching up on your blog, and i personally love your growth. i think you should keep it. if you remove it, another one may grow in its place, or your tummy...


Oh my. I really love the duggers. However, I cracked up when I read this. That's funny stuff. :)

Baby News

Wow. Can you imagine? No way. How do the kids get to be kids?


Too funny!!!


you are horrible.. so funny but horrible.


Great poster, I am so taking you on a winery tour when you get your tush out here.

Janna Bee

Bwhahahahaha! So true.

Kristina P.

I posted this on someone else's blog, but does anyone else wish that just one of those kids turns out to be a crackhead?


LOL! hers must be so stretched out it really is the size of a VW Beetle! why doesn't she do everyone a favor and sew it shut!


Sadly they're from Arkansas. Makes me shake my head...


Imagine that poster with a current pic of the family! UGH!


Do those folks get busy or what? I hate that every time I hear that she's pregnant my first thought is, Man, they have A. LOT. of sex!!

Mama Grits

So funny...I left you an award! Your blog is great!



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