Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear So and So

I have been out of the Dear So and So loop for a few weeks but I feel the need to address some issues this week so here you go!!

Dear Bronchitis. Suck It.
Love, My Lungs

Dear Steroids, I'm not sure if I like you or hate you. You ARE helping my cough, and you have killed my appetite which is a bonus on week 1 of weight watchers, however you are irritating the hell out of the back of my throat. I'm kind of glad our relationship is half over.
Cough Cough, Cammie

My Dearest Vampire Diaries,
I heart you so much. You have have filled part of the whole in my heart that has been empty waiting on New Moon to come out. I love your cast, I love evil vampire Damon's hotness and I love that you remind me of Twilight. Please don't get cancelled.
A new fan, Cammie

Dear Kat, No way do I feel like I am cheating on Edward. He is still and always will be my number 1 favorite vampire EVAH. I love him long time. But you know how the saying goes....When The Vampire Cat is Away The human Mouse will play.
Your Friend, Cammie Cullen

For more Dear So and So goodness stop by and link up with Kat. And I will get to those questions on Monday!

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16 people fed my need for attention:


I am so LOLing and getting funny looks from The Man...

Mom in High Heels

Dear Cammie,
Back off. Edward is mine.
Love ya, mean it,


I was channel flipping and saw that the Vampire Diaries was {or is it were???} but, I kept flipping... I should've stopped and watchd it!

Dear Mrs Cullen,

Can I borrow Edward? My husband needs a few lessons from him.


Baby News

Hey, I just want to make sure that you know I gave you an award...go on over to pick it up!


I love your letters. Short, to the point, with punch. I would like to echo your sentiments to bronchitis to Autumn.

Dear Autumn,
Suck it.
Hate you, Tooj


Day 5 of steroids here...I am right there with you...TGIF!

Kristina P.

I have no room on my DVR to add Vampire Diaries. Buffy will always be my love.

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

I so love your Dear So and So's


I really really want to watch vampire diaries. I just don't know how to fit it in.


Feel better soon!!!!

E @ Scottsville

Cammie, could you please rent the movie (course you probably already OWN it) and come over to my house so I can watch these Vampire movies once and for all? I've yet to see Twilight, but I think I'd enjoy it if I watch it with you. Prolly cuz I'd be watching you drool more than watching the movie, but still...

Come on over. I'll leave the light on for ya!


Cammie Cullen, You crack me up:)

Big Mama Cass

HAHAHAHA Great letters!! I have only seen epi 1 of vamp diaries but have them on the dvr schedule for tomorrow ;)


Ugh! Feel better soon!!!


I thought that guy on t.v. was Edward...(wait, did you just throw something at me?)

The Rambler

How did I miss this post!!!

LOVED your letter about Edward...while he's not with you he must be here in Hawaii? It's getting darker longer now...what?


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