Monday, September 28, 2009

I ♥ Faces - BLUE

I LOOOOVE the I ♥ Faces photography blog. Each week they do a photo contest with a specific theme and I always want to play but have a hard time with what I want to enter. This weeks theme is "BLUE". Going through my pics I came across this one. Miss Mallory was just in awe standing in the window of our cabin. Her and Pierce sat up here all the time just looking at the water. I thought this would be a good one this week!

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19 people fed my need for attention:


I love the silhouette against the beautiful blue water. Great shot!


This is fantastic, perfect for the theme :0)


I love the silhouette, too! Beautiful shot that I'm sure contains a ton of memories! Great job!


good job. love it

Kate - k8tography

Oh this is just gorgeous! Love it!


Beautiful! Great picture for this week's theme! :)


Love this pic! Gorgeous!

Kristina P.

Great picture, Cammie!

Bunch of Barrons

Cute picture! LOVE the "need for attention" idea on your comments link. Too funny! haha.


oooo, that's a great pic! enter it!


What a great shot of a gorgeous little girl!


Perfect shot!

I would love to take my kids on a cruise. Maybe in two years...

Or sooner, if that money bag falls out of the sky :)


Great picture! Those photography classes are paying off for our little supastah!


What a sweet silhouette. I love how the blue ocean just glows in the background.


Fabulous picture and I am memed out.

Raising Z

What a beautiful shot. I have a similar one of our son on our cruise :)


Love the perspective.
Great colour.

Janna Bee

This is a great picture. I love the silhouette.


What a great shot!!!

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