Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Q&A part 1

A couple of days ago I threw out a post while I was sick soliciting questions. I'm going to answer the ones I got in the next few days in between other stuff. Sometimes you just need a nudge for a writing idea you know?

First up is my pal Tooj who wants to know:
"what is my ONE favorite thing to do individually with each child and with the husband"

My most favoritest thing EVER to do with Pierce is to take him to the movies. I have always loved kids movies and used to try and steal a cousin to go with me once I outgrew them. I'm so glad he loves to go and it is 99.9% of the time just him and I. Most recently we saw G-Force which made me want to dig my eyes out but most of the time I love the movies just as much as Pierce does. Hoping to make it soon to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs!

Mallory....she is my snuggle bug. She insists on ME putting her to bed every night and that entails a story and some serious in her bed snuggle time each night. We lay face to face and sing songs together before I wiggle my way out of there. I know she wont always want me to do this so I will take it when I can.

My favorite thing to do with Joe.....honestly....raise our kids! We don't get a lot of time together to just do date nights and I do miss that but I love that he is SO involved with raising our kids. I know a lot of dad's are like that these days but I did not grow up with my father and seeing Joe with our kids just melts my heart. When we DO get away....it is usually a dinner out and that is about it. we are fairly boring people.

The Kids Said WHAT? WILL be back this week, although I only have one good one so far this week and it was not even my kid who said it!

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7 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

Movies are one of my favorite things too.


I always feel like the questions I come up with for blog posts like this fail to live up to others...but I'm SO GLAD I asked this of you! It's great insight and I picture you guys snuggling or sitting in the movies. :) That is a very sweet answer about your husband, and honest. I love it. My kids just went to see "Cloudy..." with their dad this past weekend and loved it, apparently. Enjoy! Thanks for answering.


I spent all my kid funny!! I will link up last week's post cause I had the party without you. Thanks for the All About Cammie Show,
What is your favorite wine? I forgot to ask you that too.

The Rambler

I can't wait until my lil one is able to sit through a movie. We tried once with Wall-E and that lasted about 15 minutes :(

E @ Scottsville

G Force made you want to claw your eyeballs out? Really? Hmmm, my kids have been DYING to go see it.

Maybe we'll have to scratch that idea. =0)


You are just awesome.


I love your one-on-one things with your children and husband. Very cool post. And of course, very cool question from lady Tooj.

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