Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT??

This is going to have to be quick today because I'm home with a sick little girl who has been coughing her face off all night long. Nothing too bad....I'm guessing it is just the asthma cough...but with us leaving in a few days (see sidebar counter...YEAH!!!) I figure we better get it checked out. She is demanding on a good day so I'm sure today is bound to be a treat. I'm going to bust this out while she is otherwise occupied playing on the computer in the other room

Since my little miss does not feel well I will start with her. She started dance classes yesterday which damn near put me over the edge cuteness wise. I kept calling my mom telling her what they were doing and she was swooning with me. There is not much cuter than a bunch of 3 year olds in tutus and ballet slippers. The other day in preparation for class she spins around with her hands above her head and said....
"Look Mommy, I'm a BARINA" Yes baby, you are a beautiful Barina!

This morning at around 3:45 (the title of my blog is so fitting is it not?)she is coughing so hard it is making her miserable. I told her we needed to go to the Dr later so he can get rid of her cough before we go to Mickey's house. She tells me...."I'm not going to cough in Mickey's face when I hug him mommy" *tear*

On to big brother who has only given me one good one this week and once again it is school related. The other day we had a convo that went like this...
Pierce-"Mommy...every day Mrs Marks writes the word MANNERS on the chalkboard and if we are not listening she erases one letter each time. If we don't have any letters left at the end of the day then we don't get any free time."
Mommy-"Oh yeah? That is a good idea. What do you get to do at free time?"
Pierce- (thinking) "I don't know Mommy....we have not gotten any yet"

God bless Mrs Marks and teachers everywhere.

I'm going to try and pop in one more time before we leave on Sunday!! Link up!!

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That is adorable! Poor baby, I hope she is all better before your trip.

I can't believe it's already time for you to go! You are gonna have so much fun! I'll be praying for good weather and healthy kids for you!

Baby News

Oh, that's too free time yet.


I hope Mallory feels better soon!
I am too slammed w/work to assemble any thoughts remotely kid related, but I will jot down some notes because I have a budding Chris Angel Mindfreak magician in the house!
Take good care, wish you the best at The House of The Mouse.
Don't forget your rain ponchos!


Because you know if you bring your rain gear, it will be Great Weather!!

Kristina P.

Give her lots of hugs from me!

Raising Z

I hope she is feeling better soon! Enjoy Mickey's house ;)


Too funny!


I think I love Mrs. Marks. That's a great idea!

We had "PAT" time at a kid. When we were good, she'd silently start a timer and it would run until someone acted up. That time would be written on the board. When she gave directions that were ignored, the timer started again until we complied...that time was subtracted from the board. Our class tried to build up enough PAT time to watch movies. We saw one or two...

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