Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am a open book. For realz

I'm on day 2 of quarantine for the funk which is NOT the flu much to my co-workers relief. I feel pretty nasty so I'm curled up on the couch with my laptop and plenty of catching up to do in my DVR(thank you CW for giving me 90210 and The Vampire Diaries).

Because I'm sick and lazy I decided to let you all give me something to write about. That said please.....inspire me. What do you want to know? You all know by now I'm fairy blunt and to the point so ask away.

Curling back up with a hot vampire this is NOT Edward but is still pretty hot.

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13 people fed my need for attention:


I want to know what is your ONE favorite thing to do individually with each child and with hubby. For example, right now....I absolutely LOVE laying OJ down and kissing his neck. It's what 'we' do when I get home from work. He giggles and I giggle. How about you?

Kristina P.

I think my husband had the same thing!


I'd like to know...if you could take back or change one thing in your life/past what would it be?

Also, if you could re-live one great moment, what would it be?


are you sure you don't have the pig flu?

Big Mama Cass

Just get some rest!!! don't write, just veg :)


I hope you feel better soon.
Hmm, what is your most favorite food in the world besides wine and cooked goose?

How did you and hubby meet?

Okay, I snuck that last one in.


Sorry you're feeling yucky :( Hope you feel better soon. I thought of you this weekend when we went out to get our pictures done and had to walk through a HUGE flock of Geese everywhere. I was telling my husband, Don't let the kids go near them they are EVIL I swear it.

E @ Scottsville

Cammie, where is your "THe Kids Said What" Post????

I told a friend about it, she wrote one up and was gonna link up!

Maybe you DID do one and I just missed it. If not, girl, you'd better get with it! =0)


Get lots of rest!

The Rambler

your sick....:( hope you feel better soon!

And yes...Another vampire diaries lovah :) Which brother so far? I could go both ways for some reason.

Thanks for the birthday wishes my friend!!


So the question you feel like you are cheating on Edward?


Glad it's not the swine, hope you feel better soon.

So, who takes care of the kids when you're sick? 'Cause at my house, it's still me, which sucks big ones.

Just sayin'.


Who do you love or Ryann?

PS - You better say me or you can't feel my boobies next time you come to the dirty.

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