Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition: 6

I have been paying attention to some of the cute mispronunciations that come out of my kids' mouths lately. Funny thing is that most of them come out of Pierce. He gives me words like "bemember" and "hangurber" and he likes to get his "hangurbers" from Micheal Donalds (McD's)....who is also the guy who had a farm (Micheal Dondald had a farm EIEIO). What sort of jacked up words come out of your kids' (or nieces, or nephews, or other random kids) mouths?

Anyways.....a few things that Pierce said this week that made me giggle....

A few weeks back he mentioned to me how all the girls in his class think he is handsome. Yeah, no image problems with that one. Apparently the girls in his class have all gone bat shit crazy on him because the other day he told me...."Mommy....all the girls in my class want to MARRY me and they like to chase me around outside and tell me they want to MARRY me" Sigh. While I do love me any excuse to have an open bar I'm SO not ready to marry Pierce off. I'm a little "Lifetime Movie-ish" in my desire to keep my babies home with me forever. Just call me Meredith Baxter Birney. But I digress

We have also entered the lovely world of homework. In kindergarten. Last night Pierce had to take a piece of string and go around the house and find 3 things longer, shorter and the same length as his string. Longer....his sister....a chair....his daddy....shorter....the dog....a box of books.....and...."Hey mommy...look your WINE GLASS is shorter than my string." Screw me sideways. Yep, I had left an empty wine glass on the end table the night before and smart kid that he is he noticed that his string was longer than my glass. Needless to say we did not write that on his paper.

Little Miss Mallory. I swear she gets more like me every day. I have yet to decide if that is good or bad. We were snuggling in bed the other morning and Joe was trying to get her up and moving so he could take her to daycare. After the 2nd time of being asked she grabbed me arm that was around her neck, took my hand and put it up to her ear and said....."I don't want to hear daddy"

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Kristina P.

Your son is going to be a lady killer!


Mallory is so funny, those girls have great taste in guys. Thanks, Cammie.


"I don't want to hear Daddy" That girl learns quick! I'm playing and linked to you today.

I'm just me...

Your kids are just too funny! I know we've said it before, but your Mallory and my Tink are essentially the same kid. I'm playing along this week!


Hehe. Loved the wine glass and string story and your reaction. Too funny. And Mallory's comment - now that is priceless!


Wine glass still isn't as bad as your 2 year old ordering beer rather than Root beer :) Mallory sounds like such a little spit fire, I love it!


Yesterday at Gabe's 5 year checkup, he had to get three "shocks" in his leg. I totally "ruined his life" by taking him to said doctor, and he's "never goin' back there again!".

And I don't blame Mallory, I don't like to hear Daddy, either!

Baby News

Ah...that is SO cute! All of it.

I wish I could play!


I love that my daughter calls Popsicles "hot-cools!" Too friggen cute!


I love that...I don't want to hear my house its the other way around!!!

E @ Scottsville
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E @ Scottsville

Ahhhh, yes, gotta love 'em! I don't know if you saw this post or not, but I talked of Hanguburs in this post just this past week. TOO WEIRD! Go check it out.



Ha! I don't have kids & am not necessarily a fan, but this post made me laugh!!!


This is just funny, my husband was asking me questions (which drives me nutts) and I just put my hands over my ears to make him stop.

Should I explain? I feel so bad. I must unload on you.

He was filling out school paper work. And asking me every question as he came to it. DARN. I can fill it out with out asking him, why can't he? ANY paper work I ask him to fill out he ends up asking me most of the questions and writing my answers down. Since I can't answer and blog at the same time, I might as well just do it, right?

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