Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Awesome or Shagalicious?

Joe and I would love to move. We love our house but we have outgrown it and there are a few demands things that I would really like to have in a house. I would love a bigger yard, one that is kid friendly. Ours is wooded, not much grass can grow and pretty hilly. I would also love a 4th bedroom and a fireplace. But what I really want is a soaking tub. It does not have to be a jacuzzi or anything, just a nice big garden tub that I can chill in with a glass of wine and a good book. And no kids.

I like to go to realtor.com and search out new homes in our area. Our house is not even for sale but it is still fun to dream right. Imagine my total delight when I found a home that defeats the purpose of moving although smaller then our current house has the coolest thing EVER!!

Feast your eyes upon the coolness!!! A soaking tub IN THE BEDROOM!!!! Of course I did make a few slight changes in my mind. It would need a flat screen TV (as indicated) that could play Twilight and a(horribly drawn)wine rack built in so that I would not even have to get out to fill up my glass. Dream come true yes?

So I sent my fabulous find to Joe who proceeds to tell me that it was shagalicious and in no way cool. I tried to point out the pros....if I had a bathtub IN our bedroom he would most likely find me naked more than he does now. Add to that my flat screen playing Twilight and then you have me naked AND ready for action. Add the wine rack....naked and drunk....2 sure ways to get some action. Win Win yes?

I really don't understand his hesitation. Yes he talked some trash about moldy carpet....but DUH...the amount of distance from point a (bath) to point b (bed) would be so minimal that there would be no time for water to GET on the floor. We can buy a bathmat for pete's sake.

Sadly I don't think I will win this one. As cool as a bathtub in my bedroom would be it is a smaller house then what we have now and that just wont work for us. Don't think I wont mention renovations when we DO find our dream home.

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You could also add in some tile.. therefore no moldy carpet. :)


I think it would be very cool! I would also go with Shannon on putting some tile down. :)

Big Mama Cass

HAHAHA!! I think the tub looks big enough you could just call it a 4th bedroom. Maybe he will go for that :)


I love the addition of the flat screen.


My crystal ball sees "no privacy" in your future with that tub.

Kristina P.

I wish I just had a normal bathtub.

E @ Scottsville

Oh Cammie, you'd love my master bath. It came with a huge jacuzzi tub! Now it's not IN MY ROOM, but still. It's perty nice!

However, there is no wine rack or wide screen TV. Sorry...

Dream on Girly! Someday your wishes might come true! and if you keep working on him, maybe he'll soon see the pros!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I'd probably stick with one that had a door that closes and locks. I needs my privacy. I'd still add the tv though for my viewing pleasure. i look at other houses ALL the time.


love it:)i need a wine rack in each room of my house:0

Adrian's Crazy Life

We had a cabin with a garden tub like that in our room. It was definitely shag-a-licious! I do love a good tub. That's a requirement of a great house, IMHO. Our last house had a great garden tub and I used to sit in there for hours reading a book.


Stopping by from SITS and you, sistah, are correct...what a WONDERFUL layout. I really don't understand your hubby's hesitation, I mean...Twilight, bath, wine...all make ME a sure thing! LOL

I linked to your "Kids Said WHAT??" for my post today, hope you check it out. http://musingsofacatholiclady.blogspot.com/



I think if we had a tv in the bathroom I'd never see my husband again!

Connie Weiss

That would be lovely! If I had that tub...I would just set a box of Merlot on the side.


ahh, to dream.
I look at random houses online all the time, though we are at least 5 years from buying a larger home.
Dream on, girlfriend! Maybe in your dream bedroom with a bathtub you can just replace Joe with Edward Cullen!


I send my husband house e-mails ALL the time...a tub in our current house was a must...and I like the way you think with the wine rack and flat screen tv...I would also have to add a lock to the door to keep the TV off football and the wine rack from filling up with beer.


Water on the floor? What about the tile? This is the best idea ever, and he could watch his shows when your not in the tub.


I love it!! We also stayed in a cabin that had a tub, I loved it.

The Rambler

I'm shocked he didn't go for it.

And yes....you are geniusly awesome. anyone would have a soaking tub in the bedroom with a flat screen TV with Twilight!!


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