Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition: 7

I apologize for my lack of posting last week! This week we are back and I only have one good one for you also said by my nephew Jake who is almost 9 years old. Jake is a very inquisitive kid. He is funny, he talks a lot and he makes me laugh.

This past weekend Joe's side of the family got together to celebrate his mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary. That is a long time people!! Jake's aunt (my sister in law) was talking about her puppies having just gotten fixed this past week and how they were not feeling so hot. The convo that followed went something like this:

J-"Why do the puppies not feel good?"
B-"Well they had a surgery at the vet"
J-"What kind of surgery?"
B-trying to tap dance around all things related to reproduction "ummmmm, a surgery that will make it so they can't have puppies"
J-"Why cant they have puppies?"
B-"Well we don't want them to be able to have puppies because there are a lot of puppies already in the world" not to mention the fact that the puppies are brother and sister and we don't approve of incest but that is besides the point.
J-"No, I mean WHY can't they have puppies, what did they do?"
B-"ummmmmm, they had a surgery that makes it so their bodies cant have babies"
J-"Oh, so you are telling me that they took her uterus out??"

I thought I was going to crap myself trying not to laugh, as did my sister in law.....funny, here she is trying realllllly hard to avoid an awkward conversation with a child who does not yet know how babies are made but he knows all about the uterus. Hooray for the Discovery Channel

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Makes you wonder what kind of cartoons he's watching! :)


I will attempt to link up after I do my Kids Said post in a few minutes. :)

I'm telling you...we've always explained to our kids how babies are made and grown because they're smart enough to know and not realize it's something so taboo yet. If they have the knowledge, they won't be the giggly kids in 5th grade reproduction class and they won't be the wildly "exploratory" children either. They'll know about it...and take away the edge. At least that's my hope. So far, so good. Yea for uterus!!!

The Rambler

They get older and older these kids. Great story Cammie!!


How funny!!!!

I wanted to let you know I changed my bog name to Life As Lori

Jim Brochowski

Only nine and talking about the uterus. Nice!

I see a Doctor in your family's future.

Nice! I've gathered some teenagery stuff and linked up myself today as well.

Good times!


I think I already posted about Gabe saying "What in Tarnation is on my PENIS?!"...

I love these posts.

Left you a little something on my blog today.


Woah! My jaw dropped when I read that. Amazing.


How funny!


That is too funny! Love kids, ya just never know how smart they really are!


Haha! The things kids know that we don't even realize they know!

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