Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Poor Stellan is back in the hospital on the eve of his first birthday. A baby that was not supposed to live and here he is still fighting a year later!! I think he has shown more strength in 363 days than I have in 34 years. Please pray for Stellan to recover and for his little heart to heal. And go to McKmama's Blog for details.

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7 people fed my need for attention:

Baby News

It breaks your heart doesn't it? I saw this this morning...her latest tweet says he's jumped out of SVT....for the moment.

E @ Scottsville

Praying with you for him!

I added him to my POST IT NOTE today.

Miss Ottley

I sent a prayer/comment McMama's way.


My heart was breaking seeing that picture of him on the ventilator. Poor baby. Poor momma, having to watch her baby struggle. I just can't even imagine. They have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

E @ Scottsville

Hey Cammie - just checkin' in on ya. You haven't been around the blog world lately?!

Hope all is well. Take care!


Is your new job REALLY keeping you this busy? I need my sarcasm fix! Are you ok??? Stellan is fine now btw..ablation was a "Home Run" and he is SVT free so we REALLY need some updates. lol. I'm starting to worry that a goose has caused your demise....


Praying with you for him!

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