Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition: 8

I can't believe it is Thursday already....well, I suppose I can since I slept the first half of the week away. I hope you remembered your kiddo's cute sayings for the week. Once again I only have one good one but it is a doozy.

Last Thursday night Joe and I took the kids to what is called "Literacy Night" at Pierce's school. Curious George was there, they had some crafty type stuff, ect. So we are back in Pierce's class and he is sitting at one of the tables with a little girl who I know he has a bit of a crush on and he is talking to her mommy while coloring.

Pierce (to Melia's mommy) "Melia wants to marry me"
"Oh she does huh?"
"Yeah, she likes to chase me around outside at recess. Jessica and Logan want to marry me too"
"Wow, you must be very popular with the girls"
"Yes, I am. It is because I am so handsome"

I thought every parent within earshot was going to die laughing. My kid seriously does not have issues in the self esteem department.

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11 people fed my need for attention:


LMAO Love it!!!!!!!


that's funny. he IS handsome though

Cairo Typ0

I love the idea of a literacy night for the kids! What a great way to encourage reading. :)

Baby News

No, I'd say he's pretty comfortable with his handsomeness. Too cute!


Gosh, I <3 your son!!! Except he has to move West to keep all these wedding plans with multiple girls.
So glad you are feeling better, missed you!!
I have to link up next week, just got the goods late last night! Thanks, Cammie.

Jim Brochowski

Something to be said for having good self esteem. Good for Pierce!

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha, way to go Pierce!!!

I bet the other moms were busting a gut!

Bee and Rose

Just wait until he's gets worse! lol!


oh! Go pinch him right now. Say it is from me. I think I have a crush!

Big Mama Cass

hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! that is adorable!


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