Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you seen my creativity?

Because I sure as hell have not. I have looked, I'm considering putting up an award for it.

Part of my problem I know is that I have changed jobs within my company. No longer am I working in the awesome call center environment that allowed me the free time between calls to actually LISTEN to the voices in my head and put those thoughts here for your reading pleasure. This also explains the crappy job I have been doing commenting on the 200 blogs I keep in my reader. I'm back to actually carrying a physical work load of files versus waiting on the next call to come in. What is funny is that I fought tooth and nail that I was NOT going into the call center with a college degree thankyouverymuch. Yeah, joke was on me. I loved it and I cannot wait to go back.

So what to blog about today? I could talk all about how Pierce is kicking ass in flag football...now that he gets that he only pulls the flag from the OTHER team. I could tell you how I shelled out $100 for Mallory to be a cheerleader for his team only to have her cheer one game and decide she hated it. Man that sucked because she looks SO cute in that outfit with those little pom poms.

Oh, I could blog about how I totally SUCK at dieting and how Joe has lost 13lbs doing weight watchers.....I lost 5 and then had to be on steroids for 2 weeks and gained it back!

I could also tell you about my new crackberry blackberry and how I squeal in delight every time I get a new IM or find something new that it does

But.....I should probably get back to reading medical records and making decisions on those darn insurance applications.

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12 people fed my need for attention:


Or... you could...

1. Do a paint by numbers
2. Have a crazy obsession with running your pens out of ink
3. Go by your coworkers cube and Moo (because if you're like me, you work in a Cube Farm)
4. Sing the MilkShake Song..
5. Or think I'm nutz for my suggestions.


My creativity is on hiatus too. Except I don't have a good excuse for it:) Thank goodness for Wordless Wednesdays and recipes otherwise my blog would be running on empty most weeks!


I think creativity comes and goes in waves...the people who always seem to have it have to be stealing it from somewhere. Thanks for the heads up on Picnik... something else to help the day go by :)

Kristina P.

I would have made my kid stick out the cheerleading, even if she threw up!! :)


Ugh. I just switched jobs too, and same thing...no spare time to blog. And when I do sit down to blog, I can't seem to think of anything to write about cause it's been too damn long. What is up with real life responsibilities interrupting my fun?? No fair!


Yeah, I feel like I'm stuck and keep saying the same things over and over in my blog. I like Shannon's suggestions!


lol I feel your pain! My creativity is definitely on hiatus also, as well as my comments on other blogs! I guess my excuse is school, but I actually have a lot of spare time in which I could blog but the lack of creativity = no blog post ideas! Congrats on the new job! :)

Tricia McWhorter

I think my creativity is hiding under the huge pile of clutter on my dining room table. I like the idea of offering an award for its return!


That sucks about the job. I hope that you find a happy medium, where you can work and then blog to find your muse! It works, really, it does. Look at me, I'm a loan shark and blogging is what keeps me sane. Lol.


You'll be back in full swing before you know!!!


ugh - i hate when I have REAL work to do. lame.

Janna Bee

Been there- take your time. Blogging is a marathon. not a sprint.

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