Monday, October 12, 2009

It is my anniversary.....AKA Q and A pt 3

7 years ago today Joe became the luckiest man alive. Yep, today is our anniversary! Isn't this when that 7 year itch is supposed to kick in? I'm not really sure what that is honestly but I hope it involves me shopping more.

In the past 7 years Joe has learned more about me than any other person has. Joe has this wicked power to read my mind. Kind of like this morning when I told him that I was not going to shave my legs again until he unclogged the drain in my shower. It's fall...I can rock these hairy legs till spring if need be. Without me even implying what I really meant he knew that there would be no sex until I stop showering in 6 inches of water. Guess what, my shower got fixed today. See, it is moments like this.....our flawless communication that makes us a match made in heaven.

What better day than today to take on Martha's questions from my Q&A post a few weeks back. Ms Martha asks.....

"what is your most favorite food in the world besides wine and cooked goose? And how did you and hubby meet?"

I heart Martha....she knows me well....she knows all about my hatred for geese (unless they are dead) and my love for wine. The kind of food that will kick weight watchers right in the ass where I am concerned is chips and salsa. Is that random enough? It has to be GOOD salsa though (bonus if it is from Chipolte)none of that Tostitos crap....I want real fresh yummy salsa. I want it now actually.

New topic before I lose control and head to Chipolte. Martha also asked how Joe and I met....this is where I get lazy and direct you HERE because I am entirely too lazy to type all of that out again. Plus I need to run and get some chips and salsa.

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19 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

Happy anniversary! We're coming up on our 6th. And no kids. How have we done it?

E @ Scottsville

Well I wish you guys the HAPPIEST of anniversarys!!!

Our first seven years were great, and then it was all down hill from there. ha ha ha

Good luck on the next seven!!! =0)


Happy Anniversary and Lucky Joe to be married to YOU, Fabulous You!! Thanks so much for answering the questions. We have incredible salsa and chips at the local Super Mercado, you would cry, and all kinds of salsas- verde, el scorcho, pico de gallo, mango, etc.


Ooohhh, chips and salsa sounds delightful. I had some back on...Thursday or something, from Chipotle. Maybe that's what I should get for dinner. It'd complement my cheesesticks I had for lunch.


mmmm i LOVE chips and salsa. but i'm good with tostitos :)

happy anniversary!! hope you have a great one!


Woot! Happy Anniversary, now I'm going to go read how ya'll met!


Happy Anniversary! What a great day...OCtober wedding...sweet.

And loved your post about meeting your husband. how cool.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Eat some for me! I love chips and (mild) salsa too!Happy Anniversary. May the next year be hot for you and goose free!

Tricia McWhorter

Love your perspective on why Joe is the luckiest man alive! And Happy Anniversary!!!


Clearly October was a great month to get married...I know so many friends who have October anniversaries (including my Joe and I).

Happy Anniversary.

And here's a toast to hairy winter legs. I hate shaving when I have goosebumps.

Pajama Mama

Happy anniversary!!

My favorite quote: "I can rock these hairy legs til spring if need be." HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


salsa...ummmm. None of that canned crap. LOL


Happy Anniversary! The internet needs to stop mentioning Chipotle--there's no such place in my state!

The Rambler

Happy Anniversary girlfriend.

Love the way you got the shower fixed (smirk...we woman are so smart)



Happy Anniversary - a little late!


Girl you crack me up. Sorry I am just now catching up. Happy Late Anniversary.

Lisa Curcio

Happy Anniversary!


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