Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember that holiday between halloween and Christmas?

It's called THANKSGIVING people. Do you remember that holiday? Because a lot of people do not. Namely people who run department stores, grocery stores, Halmark stores and yes, some of our neighbors.

I need to eat one of these......

Before I see any of these.........

I loooove Christmas. Love it. It is my all time favorite holiday. I drive Joe nuts with my need to listen to Christmas caroles non stop through the month of December. But I am driven to madness on Nov 1st when I walk into a store and see Christmas decorations out next to the Halloween clearance decor. I put my tree up Thanksgiving weekend pretty much every year. AFTER THANKSGIVING!!! First Thanksgiving disappears....soon it will be Halloween and before we know it there will be NO 4th of July.....the candy canes and tree ornaments will start showing up after Easter!!

I have seen Christmas lights up this week. I passed some that were ON tonight. There is one house in my neighborhood that has their lights up and a damn pumpkin still sitting on their porch.

Those of you who are not new to my blog know that I hate large birds that can be cooked and served for dinner....but not the turkey.....RESPECT the turkey!! After that please decorate your homes ala Clark W Griswold with my blessing. And please take the lights down promptly on Jan 2nd

Who missed me?

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20 people fed my need for attention:


I agree completely. I refuse to listen to any Christmas music till the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving day. If I hear the first note of Jingle on a commercial I change it before they get to Bells.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And welcome back - we missed you!

Jim Brochowski

100% agree, and not just because my wife does. ;-)I won't even let my kids watch Christmas videos until the Friday after Thanksgiving, and they all go away on January 2nd.

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas, primarily because of the commercialism. That the commercialism starts earlier and earlier each year is going to drive one day drive me bonkers. I just know it.

And Hell to the Yes we missed you! Welcome back to the blogosphere. Please don't go away again anytime soon!

Kristina P.

I saw a house completely decked out in lights tonight. If you want to put up the tree, fine, but wait to put out the Santa Globes! Actually wait forever to put those out.


I love you!


Since I now live on a main road, I plan to decorate my house ala overzealous redneck Clark Griswold on crack....after THANKSGIVING (and they don't even celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK).


Where oh where have you been?!

I'm with you - it seems that Thanksgiving this year has disappeared! Bring on the turkey and the family arguments around the table!


FINALLY! You're back!!!
You were very missed! Now don't disappear like that again or I'll cut you.
< clap > done.


i have my tree up. go on hatin. haha!

no, i only put it up early so we can get christmas pictures done because they're FREE.

we always put it up after thanksgiving but had to do it early this year.

E @ Scottsville

Oh, I'm soooo with you on this one, Cammie! I'm already sick of Christmas Carols cuz DANG IT, IT'S ONLY NOVEMBER 19TH and I should NOT have heard any yet.

That corgi :)

just visiting; you have a cute blog and a great sense of humor in your writing

totally agree with you; I remember the "good old days" where Santa didn't arrive at the mall until the day after Thanksgiving and the malls weren't decorated until after it either

in all fairness, I must say when we lived in Montana we would put up our Christmas lights before Thanksgiving if the weather was promising (who wants to string lights when it is 20 degrees) but we wouldn't light them until after Thanksgiving

and I'm with you; get the decorations down by the New Year

Happy Thanksgiving!



SO glad you are back...sorry about the goose comment...but i was SERIOUSLY worried something had happened to you.
And I completely agree with you - but i live in Montana (shout out to Betty) and it is so stinkin cold at Thanksgiving i had to give up the last 3 years on decorating AT ALL! The year before i darn near froze, then hired a teenager to help and he darn near froze so the guilt piled on. I think i have to resort to *gasp* putting the lights UP right before Halloween but definately no TURNING THEM ON until after Thanksgiving. That's just plain CRAZY!!

4 Twin Boys and a Princess

I missed you! Glad you are back. I also agree with the overzealous marketing for Christmas.

Hey, we are headed to Ann Arbor tomorrow for the Ohio State/Michigan game Saturday. I'l be thinking of you!
Thanks for the good humor and your wonderful writing skills.
Janell in Texas

E @ Scottsville

Okay Cammie ---

ARe you feeling okay? There's no TWILIGHT POST? No NEW MOON stuff?

Goodness, something MUST be wrong!!!

Do you need me?

The Rambler

Waving wildly...I did, I did...I missed you!!

And hells ya, respect the turkey :)

And um...did you see New Moon yet?


"Respect the turkey".

Amen, sister.

There are lights on in my neighborhood, too. And Christmas trees out front of Kroger. What the heck. It's five weeks away, people. You're gonna have a Charlie Brown tree by then...

And yes, you were missed. Where the heck were you?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Agreed! I am all about christmas, but lets eat a pumpkin reese's first, shall we?


Ahh it's really stumping me as well! LOL!

Any new shows you plan on doing a review of? Cause girl you crack me up!


I refuse to listen to any Christmas music till the Macy's parade on Thanksgiving day

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Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

Some people do decorate way too early & everything is so early in the stores. It doesn't feel like X-mastime to me, even tho' it's snowing out.

The Rambler

Cammie...I totally watched a movie about a girl in Canada that helped her geese 'kids' fly south for the winter. I laughed the entire movie while my husband looked at me like I was on crack. I kept saying this woman I 'know' would just be hissing at this movie. Am I right?


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