Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Can Kill You

Pierce has his first loose tooth. To say he is excited would be an understatement. He is insane excited. We discovered it a few days ago and I have probably wiggles it 100 times for him since.

A few things he has said to me since Sunday night.....

"I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring me in a few days" ummm it's been a long time since I have lost a tooth but if I recall it takes longer than a few days
"I'm going to brush my teeth extra good so it will hurry and fall out"
"I hope the tooth fairy brings me $1000 dollars"
"Will it fall out tomorrow?"
"Mommy's and Daddy's can only see the tooth fairy, not the kids"
WHOA!! Even if I COULD see the tooth fairy I sure as hell would not look....I saw that movie Darkness Falls!! She KILLS you if you see her

I then started to think about all the random crap that most of us feed our kids....A fat man that slides down the chimney that we DON'T have and leaves all those presents (you spoiled ass kids), a RABBIT somehow makes it past the dogs to bring you those baskets...and he thinks he is crafty because he hides them?? The WINE fairy brings mommy all those bottles while she sleeps?? Oh, that is just at my house?

I know I believed all of this stuff too and looking back on it I have to laugh. Kids are so trusting of their parents that they will pretty much believe anything we tell them! I'm wondering how I can work this to my advantage. The looser this tooth gets I just may just start up with a new story about the tooth fairy. How she brings really good stuff to boys and girls who help mommy mop floors and run the vacuum. hmmmmm

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14 people fed my need for attention:


From the way you describe those kids, the sounded so adorable and innocent :D


I thought the house cleaning fairy cleaned the house?! Wait, you mean I'm waiting on something that doesn't exist?


surely you can figure out something. And since when does the tooth fairy bring $1000? who needs teeth?


Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarked it.

Happy blogging! :)

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

Lol. Yes, use his gullibility (is that a word?) to your advantage! You only have a few more years!


The tooth fairy came past here twice this last week ... she's gonna go broke. We have a few mythbusts going on here of late and have answers to a few of your concerns - the man in the red suit lets himself in with the key we leave out, simply because we don't have a chimney either. The birthday fairy does not exist, not since she was sprung two years ago and there is no such thing as the easter bunny here ... they choccies come out way too early in the shops for that to be a feasible idea for an eight year old. .... can't say we didn't try!

:) Marcia

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I believed my Dad could see through walls until I was like 12!


i like that movie very much. as a kid i really appreciate the director and entire cast. my friends also watched this movie. but my parents did not enjoy the tooth fairy movie as i thought.



they do believe anything we tell them LOL.

i like your idea about vacuuming and mopping!

Mama Michie (aka Michaela)

LOL!!! You will let us know if they actually fall for the vacuuming and mopping bit won't you? (oh and if the tooth fairy is giving $1000 per tooth, then I'm glad I still have the wisdom teeth that I had pulled this summer... kaching!)


Darn... where's my wine fairy???


Catch the Tooth Fairy "in the act" for FREE @!

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Seeing is Believing.


Just read this... we already told my 3 1/2 year old daughter that santa isn't real... but I totally made up the Toy Fairy - a fairy who comes to our house and takes away toys that children don't put away at night. I guess that was a little scary for Katie so I added a part about how she doesn't WANT to do it... and in fact if toys are put away, she becomes beautiful and is very happy.
So far she's buying it.

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