Thursday, January 14, 2010

They're Baaaaaaaaaaack

And by THEY I mean those bastard geese. And this time they brought friends. A plethora of them. Though I think the correct term just might be gaggle

There are no less than one meeeelion geese outside of my office right now. Truly. It may only look like about 50 but I know that they are just all balled together in effort to make it look like less. They know that I know that they are on to me and are going into stealth mode to plot this year's attack

They sit their fat asses out there on our frozen pond and plot. Yes I know it LOOKS like they are sleeping but I am not stupid, I know a nap when I see one and those missionaries of the devil geese are not sleeping. They are waiting. Waiting on just the right moment where I am distracted enough for them to make their move. And because there are so many of them it will be a sniper attack that comes from within the goose pile and I will never know what hit me. I will go down in a pile of feathers and fake Prada bag cussing up a storm

So far this year they are winning. I wont give up though. I wont go down without a fight. This just may be the year that I run one over in the parking lot. Goose Lovin security guard be dammed. I would like to see what HE would do in the face of evil. I'm sure it would not be to "protect those endangered birds"

This is just ONE little section of TWO ponds where I work that is covered with them

Endangered my ass

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9 people fed my need for attention:


LOL You and those geese... I can already see feathers sticking out of your car and you laughing like that crazy lady on 101 Dalmations!

The Wife O Riley

I think you should take a picture every hour just to make sure they are sneaking up on you.


Stupid geese!

Adrian's Crazy Life

That's funny, I think we must work in the same building. We also have two large duck ponds and yes, they are full of ducks and evil, plotting geese. I used to like to go out and walk around the lake (we called it the Duck Shit Shuffle!) but those geese are so nasty and aggressive, you're taking your life in your hands to do that any more.


Haha! You need a dog. Our town park loathes geese because they make the place dirty and poopy so they actually encourage people to bring their dogs to the park and let them run to scare of the geese.


You kids' school has a flock of geese that sit outside each morning, and we really enjoy them. :) Just thought I'd share that.


So, am I to assume you're not a goose lover?

The Rambler

I shudder with you Cammie...they are not cute little birds with feathers. They are killing machines.

For real.



Coming from someone who had a childhood traumatic experience on Easter one year while hunting for eggs and got attacked by a gaggle of gigantic geese, I feel your pain. They are evil and should be destroyed.

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