Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How I spent $100 before 9AM

Today was one of those mornings that needs a lot of Zanax coffee to stomach. It started out not so bad....Actually left the house on time which is always a bonus and headed out to drop Pierce off at school

My gas light came on about 5 minutes later...yes I AM that person who waits till the last minute to get gas. Joe loves it. Get to Giant Eagle (local grocery store) get SUPER excited to have $1.80 off per gallon and filled up for $15.

Get in the car. Start it up. Oh I did NOT start it up because it would not turn over. Awesome. This happened a few weeks ago when Joe was driving it and it had to be jumped to start it. So I call my knight in shining armour to ruin his day.

He had just pulled on base (about 35 minutes away) and was thrilled to have to leave, turn around at rush hour time and come to my rescue. Meanwhile....Pierce is THRILLED. He thinks it is SUPER cool to be stuck in the car instead of going to school. He had his crack pipe DS with him and was all set. We went inside the grocery store where it was warm and I proceeded to make Pierce's day even MORE awesome by informing him he was having a donut and some grape juice in the store for breakfast.

Joe gets to me....drives us back over to my car and makes everything all better by jumping my car. Oh wait....that is not what happened because it STILL would not start. He finally got it to a point where we could drive it up the street to the battery place and at the tune of $100 I am all set.

While the battery is being replaced Pierce is STILL talking about how awesome it is to be late for school, and then tells me maybe he could make a jet pack and just shoot himself there. He talked so flipping much that I finally called my mom so he could chew HER ear off for awhile while I waited on my coffee to kick in.

now I have a headache.

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Now the only way to make the day better is to go home early and drink yourself into an oblivion.


That is SO not the way to start the day...

At least your knight in shining armor was available. And willing. Now you're gonna owe him.

That should make your day better, huh?

Crystal Escobar

Oh man, what a day. Glad it turned out okay, other than the $100 you had to spend. I hate when stuff like that happens.


that plain sucks!

go home after work and drink the evening away.

everything will be better lol

The Rambler

That so sucks.

Unless Edward the doll was in your purse than maybe it's okay. :)


oh bummer. chris's battery died recently too. $100 bucks later and his car is still a piece of crap.


I do that same thing!! When the kids are talking too much, we call up the grandparents and make them listen!! LOL Sorry about the battery situation....those always stink to replace.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly)

This sounds like my normal day. Not the spending $100 before 9am part, but just having things go wrong.

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