Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Having a small coronary this morning

I woke up this morning to an email from the website that I keep for my kids. About My Baby.Com They are closing shop. I have had this site since Pierce was 4 months old so just about 6 years. I have 6 years of photos, video and journal entries that as of Aug 1 will just be gone.

I'm not worried about the photos or videos....they are also stored elsewhere. The journal entries though.....*tear*. I know I can put them into a word doc and I may end up doing that but it will be HUGE and I wont have anything to DO with it. I know the first obvious answer is to just start keeping pics and journal entries HERE but I don't want to do that...for a few reasons. Mostly because the AMB site was always just about the kids....this is MY space. My grandparents don't need to know about or read this blog...for realz....There are other people that keep up on my kids site that probably DO know about this blog and that is fine...they just don't so much care about my girly trips or why I hate geese.

The point of this post....if you know of any other place that can host this kind of stuff...online journal type places please let me know. I could also just start up another blog totally for the kids but that is not the same as the AMB site. Blogging here is awesome but it is not always good for holding tons of pictures in one area (albums) that people can go through

off to scour the Internet for a new *home* for the kiddos

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Hmm... I don't know of any.. but that sucks!!! I hope you find somewhere!!!


Why not start another blog on blogspot just about the kids. You can journal and put pics and video just like on the AMB site. Then share that blog with the grandparents. They still never have to know about this one.


oooh that is sad. good luck with finding them a new place to live.


Sorry not clue, but I know what you mean about not wanting everything in blog land. Good luck!


I like the idea of setting up another blog ... that way, you have control over it.

I had this happen to me back in September with another site I used, we got no warning, it was overnight, pfft, gone. It sucked big time, so now I am running a couple of blogs so I keep control.

:) Marcia


My daughters teacher just started a classroom site on Shutterfly.com and shares albums, videos, classroom documents, etc. It's pretty cool.

E is Me

I KNOW!!! I've been using AMB for 4 years for EVERYTHING!! Our whole family is out of town and they NEED this site to stay updated (and to same me from constant nagging to send hard copy photos to them ALL the time). If you find another site you like PLEASE let me know, and I'll do the same. So sad :o(

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