Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scrapbook Camp.....or, Yes I'm a nerd...deal with it

3 of my girlfriends and I spent the weekend in Amish country drinking, sleeping Scrapbooking. This was our 2nd annual trip out there with a local scrapbook store here in town. We stayed at Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek Ohio which is a really really nice hotel out in BFE that just HAPPENS to have 3 wineries within 5 minutes of it. As you can imagine, a combination of scrapbooking and wineries is enough to do me in. We did get a LOT done (27 pages thank you) but a lot of wine was also consumed. Unless you were Bree who is pregnant, in which case not a lot of wine was consumed. Jenn, Bree, Brandy and I all snuggled in together in a room for the weekend and it has been rumored that perhaps I snore. Loudly. Whatever. We also made some interesting new friends while we were there including a lady who has NINE children whom she home schools herself. Joe was extremely happy on Sunday when I got home because the Boy and the Princess did not get as much sleep as I did.

In other news....my birthday present came early and today are making my feet extremely happy. I'm wearing Ugg Boots and my feet are making out with them as I type.

Stay tuned for further ramblings of my life (and Joe's) including my Twilight movie countdown....yeah Team Edward!!

6 people fed my need for attention:

Amy Lemaniak

Wow, that's awesome you got so many pages done and I'm SOOO jealous about the wine consumption too.


Great times had by all. PS. I was also snuggled in the room but perhaps Cammie forgot to mention me since I woke everyone up laughing at 1AM b/c of her talking in her sleep! ;)


Wow - you did get alot done! Way to go!


You did not wake ME up B....I told you....I was AWAKE. Bitch. heehee


Sounds like you & your Uggs have gotten even closer since you posted this! :-P


Oh how fun, Cammie! I am jealous! You know I *heart* scrappin', and I always enjoyed a trip to Sugarcreek when I worked in Ohio and traveled around the state for Capital. Such a quiet, sweet community. Glad you got to get away a bit!

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