Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

The kids, Joe and I put up the tree last night, and all of the lights on the house Griswald style. So far we have the best decorated house on the street!

I love the ornaments that Joe and I have collected over the time we have been together. We get a new ornament every time we go somewhere on vacation. This is the first new one that we got this year....bought over Easter weekend when we were on a cruise

Over the summer on our trip to the timeshare and our first visit to the Biltmore Estate

This one is from our honeymoon to Rivera Maya

And of my favorites from when we took The Boy and went to New Orleans when he was almost one

From the best family vacation ever last May--Cinderella's castle

I have saved a few "gems" from when I was little, I think I made this hot mess in first grade

Can you guess how old this ornament is?

While I am very happy to have the Christmas tree up, Im not so thrilled about having to yell at the kids (and the cats) to leave it alone for the next month.

2 people fed my need for attention:


Great ornaments! We do the same thing. We always get ornaments on vacation and at the xmas tree farm we get our tree at.

And I have that *exact* same ornament on the bottom...except mine says 9-6-79. ;0)


I love your Biltmore ornament! I love collecting ornaments from places we go as well. And LOL at the green one that you made when you were in grade school. I have a few of those myself!

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