Friday, November 28, 2008


There is this neighborhood across the street from mine that has a pond. I guess there is a guy out there that every day comes and feeds the ducks corn feed. This story even made the paper so Joe and I took the kids to try and see them. We went at 430 and they were all coming up the street to the area in front of the pond to wait....seriously....they were walking in little groups up the sidewalk. We left and came back around 515 which is when we heard he comes but he must have been there and left because they were all walking back DOWN the street. But, we had some buns and fed them too. The kids thought it was awesome. I think it is cool that this guy does this when it is cold out but at the same time I would be sort of pissed if I lived next door to this area because they were LOUD

this is a LOT of ducks

The Princess gets bread taken right out of her hands

I liked this one

The Boy almost looses a finger

They both have already asked to go back. The city even put up a duck crossing sign on the street across from where we were. Oh, and the GOOSE part of this was across the street in some guys yard.....there were about 10 of them just hanging know....watching me....and plotting the demise of my current iPod.....bastards

1 people fed my need for attention:


Oh help!! I would pass out from frieght! Little Devils want to eat more than your iPod! Never turn your back on a goose!

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