Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Bucks!!

Today is Ohio State/Michigan day which is pretty much Joe's favorite day of the year. He and I are all decked out in our OSU finest (well, I'm wearing a t-shirt and comfy pants) and we are having one of his friends over to watch the game (in surround we are having some big ass party) The kids each have outfits....a jersey for The Boy and a cheerleader dress for The Princess. Yeah, they are still in their jammies and are not so interested in getting dressed. Our OSU flag is flying!! As I sit here typing this we are watching the teams leave the field and of course they are trying to start a riot with each other before the game even starts. I love this rivalry! In Ohio we get SO excited for Ohio State football that a friend of mine had her little boy and husband stomping Script Ohio in their yard in the snow this morning....and then spray painted it. Sorry it is upside down but you get the point.

3 people fed my need for attention:


LOL at Ohio written in the snow. Enjoy the game! I hope your team wins.


Yeah, we're watching in surround sound in our gear as well (and me in my comfy pants). Go Bucks!


I remember a time when Joe used to do that in the front lawn in a state no so sober!!! Jodi

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