Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun with Joe

So, my husband gets this super hot picture taken of him in his honor guard uniform and what does his sister do? Off to photoshop she goes for some of the most picture viewing fun I have had in awhile. (thanks Gina)

First off, Joe goes to the small step for mankind and all that....

Next we are off to a tropical destination of some I don't recall being on with him...I must have been super wasted

Yeah, I got nothing for this one.....mostly because I have no flipping clue what those things are (anyone??)

again....he must have been to a game that I was not at either that or he was posting the flag for the game...either way he had great seats....O-H

Joe is way older then I thought he was.....

I have never had the pleasure of seeing this movie with Farmer Smith and his sister Ida....but apparently....they use preservatives in the "tastiest smoked meat in town" (barf)

"I know you are but what am I?" Off to the Alamo to help Pee Wee find his bike.


It's a major award.....from FRAGILE

I hope you have enjoyed traveling with Joe.

3 people fed my need for attention:


Hee hee - you're welcome! The one you don't know is Star Wars Cantina.


I was hoping you would show your face.....we seriously laughed our asses off at this!


Okay now, these are making me cry. Love the pics!!

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