Friday, April 23, 2010

Selling a house.....kind of sucks

So not loving the process of selling my house. Don't get me wrong, I really REALLY want it to sell but the "showing" part of it is 76 shades of on my nerves.

This is how it works. The realtor people call me with only an hour or so of notice and ask to show. Usually this occurs while I am at work. I leave work, hence sucking up my personal time (of which I only get so many hours per year), run home, turn on all my lights, spray the house with febrize cooking smell shit to make it all home-y, turn on my super cool Wii aquarium, get my dogs and leave. People who don't have pets have it WAY easy when it comes to home selling. This is where the real fun begins. Since I have stalker tendencies and patience issues I like to circle my hood and wait until I see the people are actually IN my house. Then I place myself strategically at the bottom of my road so I can see what kind of people are looking at my house, but also so I know when they are gone and I can throw the dogs BACK inside and get back to work.

The other day it went something like this. I get home, do all of the above steps, and sit in my car with 2 dogs and wait. And wait. And wait. Usually they show up towards the beginning of their hour and are gone 10-15 minutes later. Not so much this time. As I wait I notice Pierce's DS in the car with me. SCORE. I start to play random Mario mini games.....did you know you can play poker on Super Mario Bros? THEN I notice that the old dude who's house I'm chilling out beside giving me the eyeball. Like he is nervous that the chick rocking the mini van with a poodle and a Yorkie might be a threat to the hood. I end up getting out and talking to him for a few minutes, explained my situation, and once he knew I was not casing the joint but that I OWNED the joint he was good to go. Get back in my car and the phone rings. Douche bag realtor running late, had to cancel. May as well have light a fire to my hour and a half of personal time.

Also fun was the 614-715 showing last night. Only because Mallory had not had a bath since Sunday and was starting to have a cloud ala Pig Pen from Snoopy following her around. Thankfully I have a close friend who lives by. I packed up kids and dogs and totally gave my daughter a bath at my friend's house. Speaking of the kids......they are pretty much over it too. They are tired of me making them keep their toy room spotless ALL the time, tired of me telling them not to get stuff out. The only thing they think is cool is looking for the "card" that the realtor leaves behind.

Sigh. Please send house selling vibes. The tax credit is over in like 8 days and I am running out of places to hide STUFF

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We don't actually have our house up for sale yet, but I am SOOOO dreading it when we do for this very reason. We've actually made an offer on a house and we're waiting to hear back if it was accepted. We don't have pets, either. Unless you count the almost-dead fish.


We'll be in this same boat this fall. We have dogs, but they're in the back yard. I wondered the other day what would happen if the people want to actually go in the backyard. That might cause a problem! ha! We're gonna have to rent a storage unit to put all of our crap in and don't even get me started with keeping the house spotless. I hope yours sells quick!


I totally sympathize. House selling SUCKS!!!! Not "kind of"... it certainly sucks a big one. I have done the exact same thing (stalking my house, parked down the street) only I have 6 kids and a dog to get out of the house on a moment's notice. I hate it with a passion. And my house is just not selling either. I hope you have better luck than me!

Jim Brochowski

I think you need a St. Joseph statue and you have to bury him upside down or some such thing. Anyway...

Good luck with selling. It will all be worth it when you move into your new place!

p.s. Glad to see you posting again!


The only advice I have is the St. Joseph burial gig. My friend did it and her house sold exactly when needed....the weekend of her wedding. :) I wish you luck!


Amen sister! We are in the same boat right now...and have 3 dogs...they told us to make it look like we don't have any...yeah right! I too am tired of hiding things because I swear there is a bill somewhere I haven't paid.


I hear you! We've sold three houses now and I'm so tired of the process that we are now renting FOREVER... ok, maybe not forever, but it will be a long time before I'm ready to plunge back in, knowing what it's like to get out at the end. We just move too frequently to keep putting ourselves through the frustrations of selling.

Bee and Rose

Just popped over to say hello! I moved this summer too...ugh....

Hope it's all going well for you!


Where in God's name have you been???

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