Wednesday, April 14, 2010

D-Bag Mom Sends Adopted Kid Back To Russia

So I am sure most of you heard that some douche bag mother of the year sent her 8 year old adopted kid BACK to Russia, ALONE. Yeah, I get that she thought he was psychotic, and a danger to her family, but really? Just send him back with a note?"

So today I happen across a poll on asking if adoptive parents should be permitted to return their kids. I was surprised that it was fairly close at something like 46% yes and 54% no. Really? I think this is total and complete crap. If I can't send my kids back to where THEY came from why should other parents be able to do so? And way to screw up international adoptions from Russia!


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Kristina P.

OK, so I have been a social worker for over 10 years, did DCFS adoptions, and currently do crisis counseling for kids, many of whom were adopted.

The way this mother handled the situation was HORRIBLE.

On the other hand, some of these kids are tough, tough, tough. I have kids who I have worked with who have sociopath tendencies. They threaten to kill their family, abuse animals, etc. And parents don't know what to do. And there is often no options for them.

Some adoptive parents suck, and just want to give them back at the first sign of trouble. Others spend years and years of heartache trying to figure out what to do, to no avail.

So, while I feel for this mom, literally sending him on a plane by himself was despicable.


I totally agree! There are tough situations, but that is the WRONG way to handle it.

It just makes it THAT much harder for parents who are SERIOUS about adopting to actually adopt because people have to make sure they aren't going to be so stupid!


Well, technically, you can get rid of your biological kids. You can put them up for adoption if you really didnt want them.

The way she went about this was ALL wrong!


I love Kristina P's imput, and agree. Actually, this isn't the first time Ive heard of this. Seems to me there was another couple who returned a kid too, or gave up on a child because of these same problems. Maybe didn't just buy a ticket and send him on a plane with no where to go, but sent him back.

just saying.

don't have a point. Kristina made my point.

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