Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And A Kindle In a Pear Tree.....

Oops, my blog missed Christmas. Santa did not come for my blog because, well, let's face it. My blog WAS very naughty last year

Let me do a recap of the last month(ish). My birthday came and went (more on my gift in a bit)I'm finding that 34 is not much different that 33 was so no big drama there. Joe and I finished Christmas shopping at the last minute....as usual. Wrapped at the last minute.....as usual and I cursed my way through finding him a gift....AS USUAL.

This is the part where I get sidetracked because I did not plan this rant until just now. I can give you a list about a mile long of things that would be an awesome gift for me at any given moment. Truly. Don't get me wrong...I loooove to give presents. Love it. But I'm not ashamed to admit that I also love to receive them. Joe is NEVER at a loss for what to buy me for Christmas or my birthday. Him on the other hand.....he SUCKS to buy for. So hard. Do you watch that new show out called the Modern Family? If so you will get this when I say he almost got 5 hugs and a visit from Spandeau Ballet. Don't watch the show? Then you will have NO idea what that means. Rant over.

The kids were much spoiled this year. Big hits in our house were a Nintendo DS for Pierce....which I think came with a side of crack because he has barely put it down in 4 days and an easel with art stuff for Mallory. I was spoiled a bit every this year too! I got a Kindle and I am in LOVE with it. Bet you can't guess what the very first book I put on it was? I also scored a bottle of bubble vodka (yum) some perfume, an Archivers gift card and a case of wine. Yep, a case.

We actually have PLANS for New Year's Eve. We are going to a party at THIS GIRL'S house where I will once again manage to elude THIS GUY
and keep my true identity a secret.

This brings me back to my birthday. My present this year is a plane ticket that is taking me to HOUSTON!!! No, not with Joe....the best gift ever is a weekend with your GIRLS right? So I am hoping a plane with the above noted New Year's Eve party giver to go to Houston to visit THIS GIRL (don't bother, she never updates), this biatch, this girl, going to cut THIS GIRL, hopefully get to make out with THIS GIRL and her non blogging sister as well as a few other of my besties. Yep, going to have a weekend with "those Internet friends" If you missed last year's debacle (one of them) it can be found HERE. Whew, that was a lot of links

It has only been a few months for most of us but we are finding that this whole "long distance relationship" thing really sucks. I miss them more each day and cannot wait until we are back together....in Houston....for a boot scootin good time YA'LL

So there you are caught up to the last month or so in my world. I'm going to try and get better and being here more often (Jodi, I'm talking to YOU) and I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS

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14 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

I have missed your bloggy madness!


Okay so awesome gift you got!! A plane ticket!

I am super jealous of your kindle. So jealous!!!


Oh yea and I have missed you blogging.

Don't you know that blogging should be the main priority in your life? I mean who works and raises kids these days? :-P

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

"A side of crack." That's funny.


Welcome Back!!! I've missed you and I am so Happy you get to go to Texas!! And a Kindle too, hmm, you must have been a very Good Girl.

Hey, when are you coming to LA? Your college football team is playing at the Rose Bowl next week...

Happy New Year, Cammie.

Jim Brochowski

Have to admit, I'm really bummed that we're gonna miss each other yet again. Have to make that happen in 2010.

I have really missed your blog, especially the posts you tag with "I'm so glad Joe doesn't read this blog." Those always seem to make me laugh the most. ;-)

Happy New Year Cammie!


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Jillian Livingston

I had to come see the person who coughs out a piddle.

Sounds like we have a few things in common, children who won't go to sleep, a love for wine and books and the need for humor in our lives.

Glad to find you and happy new year.

Connie Weiss

Based on the comments .....I'm going to guess that you got your husband some V.Iagra.

Have a blast in Houston!

And from now on the only thing on my Christmas List is going to be *a case of wine*.

Happy New Year!


Missed you! But glad to hear you had a rockin Christmas and b-day! I'm heading into 34 in a couple of months, too...psychologically...I'm a little worried about what this is going to do to my brain. It seems kinda old? You say no? That's a relief.
Happy New Year!!

E @ Scottsville

Wow, Cammie... so glad to know you're STILL ALIVE!

A Kindle, huh? I only know what one even IS because a blog friend of mine got one and she showed pictures. ha ha ha

Have a great trip to Houston!!! You'll be just a couple of hours from MEEE!


Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


Yeah... Loved the 2 new blogs!. Here is to getting fatter!.


You've been MIA from blogland, but apparently very busy raking in great gifts. :) I'm glad to hear that things are well in your house. My man is difficult to buy for as well....I feel your pain.

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