Friday, March 19, 2010

Hardwood Floors+Small Dogs=Awesome

Ahhhhh, order has somewhat been restored in The House of No Sleep. Well, as much order as there ever was I suppose. The fine workers from Lowe's left my house on Wed and from there began the process of putting the house back together. And with it, my sanity

3 days without TV for my kids was like poor Tiger going 3 days without sexting with some skank. And when the kids don't have TV to entertain him....they want Joe and I to do it. I kid I kid....I really do STUFF with them...I just love me some Phineus and Ferb when I want to say take a crap without a small child on my lap, or refill my wine glass.

But I digress.

Hardwood floors laminate with tiny bark-y dogs.....WICKED FUN

Gone are the days when I have to interact with my husband and children for amusement. Now I find it in the form of a rawhide and a yorkie (I don't mess with Scarlet....she is my baby). I will spend HOURS upon HOURS of watching the yorkie slide across the floor in pursuit of whatever toy I have tossed. I feel like a need a point system....5 points if he hits a wall for example. When he goes running after the cats?? He is like poor Scooby running from a ghost....his feet are moving but it just takes him a good 10 seconds to get anywhere. It. Is. Awesome. I wish I had video to share but instead I will just show off the new floors!

you can see small bark-y dog down in the corner...little does he know the fun that will soon be had

PS--on a totally unrelated note....although I guess it does sort of have to do with DOGS....who can guess what Im buying this weekend? Who is with me?

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6 people fed my need for attention:


I have no idea what you're buying - what am I missing????


Are you buying a rug?

I love it when dogs do that on hard floors! Best ever! :) That should entertain the kids in place of tv for a while huh? :D Great floor!


I think you are buying New Moon and so I am I.


I can't believe I didn't guess that right!!! I'm so featherbrained sometimes! Of course your buying New Moon! I'm so silly!

Big Mama Cass

HAHA When we lived in Wisconsin our house had wood floors and when Jazz used to run around it was soooooo funny. I LOVED the running in place before going thing. Awesomesauce! :)


Okay, we need to do laminate in our house. I have to ask...what does it cost to have them do it? We've contemplated buying the materials and doing it ourselves. Does having them do it pay off? I can't decide. We've had three different sets of friends do it themselves and it looks fine, so we're thinking of having a floor laying party. Maybe we can call it "LAY THE WOOD" sexting party. LOL

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