Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holy Crap

I better start kicking my blog up into high gear again because tomorrow I will be among celebrities!!! I honestly don't know if I am cool enough to roll with these girls but I will give it my best!!

Tomorrow I will be a featured blogger at Aiming Low who I came across from reading Barefoot Foodie These ladies are some awesome writers and never fail to make me laugh to the point of piddling. Just me that does that? um. never mind.

Anyways, tomorrow my infamous goose post will be featured! I'm excited and a little nervous to put myself out there in my current state of writers block.

One more thing before I sign this one off. My friend Amy has a sister (whom I also love) that is RIGHT NOW having brain surgery. Their OTHER sister Ryann is one of my BFF's Please keep Jil and her family in your thoughts and prayers. These ladies are awesome and I love them so much!!

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3 people fed my need for attention:

Crazee Juls

Congrats on being featured. That's awesome! :) and praying that things go well for your friend.


congrats! you're definitely cool enough ;)


I love, love, love Aiming Low and might crap myself if ever chosen to guest blog!

Oh and thanks for the prayers for my sister and all. Haha!

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