Thursday, May 21, 2009


That was pretty much my opinion of Idol's ending last night.

I love Adam.....I know he will still be very successful and go far.

Kris is good, but Idol has already put out other winners with his style and I was hoping to see a new style. I will not decide to love him even though I have since been made aware that his wife is an AOII too.

Fergie was awesome, Kiss was awesome....Steve Martin.....along with that God awful song....not awesome.

I had much fun twittering during the show.....even though Patrice told me that I was old.....really, she did......uh huh......

What did you think?

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16 people fed my need for attention:

E @ Scottsville

I think Kris is great, but I think ADAM has a serious GIFT that not just any old person has. I think he has AMAZING vocals and I agree, he should have won. Now Kris is more 'my type', but this is a singing competition --- and Adam should've won it! Even Kris knows Adam should've won it. Oh well. Life goes on, huh? {{sigh}}



I quit watching American Idol after Taylor Effing Hicks Won. It seems the runners up have better careers anyway.


I think the decision was right because of this: Adam was going to make records and be famous as a singer regardless if he won. I think Kris needs the adoration of the AI fanbase to help his career. He's got the voice, but he needs the boost for his charisma and such. Adam didn't. So in that sense, I think it was a good vote.

Kristina P.

I actually don't watch, so I have no opinion.


I couldn't get into it this year..they lost me during hollywood week. Lame. I know!


I feel your pain, even though I love Kris, I love Adam too. I think Adam's gift far surpasses anyone that's ever been on the show, however, I think it will serve him better to be second place than first. The writer's for the Idol winner's I don't think are capable of producing something worthy of Adam, but I think they'll do great with Kris. That's my silver lining :)Adam will be able to make a better album as the runner up, than he would as the winner. I really love them both, but that's just me.


LOL!!! Excuse me, go re-read your tweets b/c I said I DON'T think you're old!! I wasn't being sarcastic either!!! I understand your reasoning for wanting Adam to win, and at least you're not blaming his loss on the fact that america is "homophobic" I'm so tired of hearing that!

Proud to be Me-a wife, a mom, a student

First I was pissed that Adam lost and vowed to never watch Idol again because I felt the show was now that I have calmed down, I think that Adam will be much better off without the AI title simply because now he will have more freedom to be true to he is :-).....



THANK GOODNESS. Someone agrees with me. Girl, you and I would get along so well! :) I almost threw my remote at the TV. Adam will continue to rock us until the end of time, I'm sure!!


I was surprised! Did you see Simon's reaction? It seemed like he wasn't even clapping! Adam is a rock star! But he could have walked off the show weeks ago and still made hit records! I'm thinking what it came down to is that Kris just had a more diverse style- Adam was one style. But as they performed together I really thought Adam out-performed Kris quite a lot. I just hope that people in the nation weren't voting just because of political/moral issues. They should go by the most talent. :) Adam will still DEFINITELY go far!!!

Drama queens mum

Love the new look of your blog.


I don't watch AI...but what is AOII?


I think a lot of people felt that way.

It's always interesting to see how these shows end up.

Michelle (hometc)

Thank you for visiting my blog! After joining SITS, I'm having a hard time keeping up with returning comments to all these great blogging friends! Guess I'm one of the 5 people who missed the big finale.

The Wife O Riley

I didn't watch it, but I understand it was an upset only to be rivaled by the Claymates.


Well, i worked last night and so i couldn't watch most of american idol. Of course that is mostly the case anyway, so i wasn't super invested, the funny thing is, nearly every patient on my floor was watching it, even the 80 year olds! so i could hear snippets as i walked the halls and handed out meds. that was mroe or less my entertainment, that america really deos love american idol:)

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