Monday, February 16, 2009

100th post and I want 100 Comments!!

Wow. It seems like I just started blogging and was all concerned that no one would care to read it. 100 posts and 72 followers later here we are! Thank you all for feeding my obsession with myself, my kids, Edward Cullen, and putting up with my sarcastic sense of humor....or lack there of

For the big 100 I thought I would highlight 100 things that I love. In groups of 10.....

The Rambler gave me a great idea to try and get 100 comments on my 100th post so please go tell your friends to come and worship me.....attention whore that I am. Go give me some love on your blog!! If you are brand shiny new and want to fall in love with me at first sight..and who would'nt....then read THIS It is a tale of bravery in the face of loss......

Ready. Go.

My top 10 Favorite books (or series since Twilight would take up 4 books) in no particular order

1)The Twilight Series. Duh
2)The Harry Potter Series
3)The Great Gatsby
4)Flowers in the Attic
5)The Shopaholic Series
6)The Time Traveler's Wife
7) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
8) My Sister's Keeper
9)A Million Little Pieces (yes even after the truth came out)
10)The Gossip Girl Series

10 favorite movies
1)Dirty Dancing--"Nobody puts baby in the corner"
2)Goonies-"Hey, you guys!"
4)The Breakfast Club (words to live by:Andrew: "Why do you have to insult everybody?"John Bender: "I'm being honest, asshole. I would expect you to know the difference.")
5)Titanic-"I'll never let go...."
6)Beaches-But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do YOU think of me?
7)Shag the Movie-"Y'all is the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen!"
8)Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-you cannot beat lickable wallpaper...wonder if it comes in Merlot?
9)The Parent Trap-(the original one) "I'm not saying a word. Not one single word."
10)Sixteen Candles "Oh sexy giiiiirrlllllfrieeeeeend"

10 Favorite TV Shows
1)Lost-even though I want to bang my head on a wall while watching it
2)House-yeah, um. Can he be my gynecologist. Yes I DID just go there
3)Bones-however if Booth and Bones don't get busy soon I may stop watching

4)America's Next Top Model--FIERCE

5)American Idol-after the auditions....those make me crazy

6)Beverly Hills 90210 Dyan and Kelly were SO soulmates

7)90210--trying to bring back the olden days but doesn't QUITE hit it....still love it through

8)Intervention--I love being reminded that some people are more jacked up than I am

9)Cold Case--this is my secret career choice--but I don't like dead people
10)Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (seriously.....makes me smile to watch my baby girl watch "her friends"

10 places that that I would love to travel to:

2)France.....but not Paris....somewhere south---wine
3)Cabo San Lucas-beach
4)Napa Valley-duh
5)Hawaii-beach and wine....must be heaven
6)Maine....somewhere on the coast-seafood
7)England-get back to my roots
8)Los Angeles-because I'm a stalker and I would love to chase down a celebrity
9)Ireland-again with the roots....

10 favorite places that I have been

1)Disney World--I love it even more as an adult then I did as a child.
2)Xcaret in the Rivera Maya--underground snorkeling and swimming with awesome
3)Boston--home of the New Kids and was a kick ass get together with my mommy friends
4)Holden Beach, NC-summer vacation every year!
5)Biltmore Estate in NC--they have a winery.....
6)New Orleans--very cool to see even if I did have a one year old with me at the time
7)Cancun---drunken spring break with my sorority sisters----crappy hotel though
8)The Dunns River Falls in Jamaica---I did not hurt myself and THAT was an accomplishment
9)Key West--an entire street to party on....this is a happy place
10)Chicago--only been one shopping!

10 favorite posts on my blog

10)You can read my fairy tale HERE Be is not for the faint of heart

9)My first venture into Dear Diary Thursday....I call my mom a garden tool HERE

8)Say my name right or I will cut you...... HERE

7) Read about how cool I USED to be HERE

6)My first Letter to my children

5)A letter written by Mallory

4) Pierce's response

3) Introducing you to myFIRST baby....way before kids....

2)The sarcastic things I was thankful for last Thanksgiving HERE

1)Yes this was very recent but I meant ever word of it HERE

10 Things I would take if I were stranded on an island (other then my kids)

1)My iPod--cannot live without it

2)My phone--I need it to facebook about being stuck on an island

3)My computer--for blogging

4)My Ugg Boots-they keep your feet at body temperature no matter WHERE you are

5)My makeup--to look pretty when I get saved

6)My Mary Jane Crocs-they are cute AND practical for being stranded on a beach

7)My Tiffany Tag bracelet....the first piece of jewelry Joe ever bought me--memories.....

8)My Wedding set-so that when I DO get rescued by a hot pirate (Johnny Depp) I can remind him and myself that I am spoken for

9)My book collection (okay, I cant just pick ONE)

10)My scrapbook stuff ---gotta scrapbook those memories of being stranded

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1)I hate the dentist. The thought of getting a filling makes me all anxiety-y

2)I no longer have a relationship with my father. I have not seen or spoken to him in over 10 years. I am okay with this.

3)My favorite years in school always hit every other year. 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade were my FAVORITES

4)I went to THE Ohio State University

5)While I was there I was an Alpha Omicron Pi sister

6)I am a video game nerd.....big time.

7)I once had...ahem....relations with my boyfriend in a library while in college

5)I do not like beer. I never have and will never "acquire the taste for it" like everyone always told me. I was the girl in school pouring a bottle of wine into a "to go cup" to take to parties where I knew there would only be beer

4)I have very strange taste in food....I like anchovies, raw oysters and could eat blue cheese by the pound

3)I have only had c-sections, never had to push (never dilated) and I think having babies the old fashioned way is kind of strange

2)Some of my best childhood memories are from spending summers in New Jersey with the father that I no longer have a relationship with. This has nothing really to do with him but more with the friends that I made there....2 of who I still keep in touch with.

1)My mom ran over my foot once with her car. It was my fault. I jumped out while it was still moving. It hurt.

10 Jobs that I have had:

1)Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

2)Ponderosa Steakhouse.....the ONLY time I have been a waitress

3)The Library at Ohio State.....if you are smart you will make a connection here

4)The Office for Disability Services at Ohio State....very cool job....I got to put books onto tape for visually impaired students and also read and scribe tests for them.

5)Victoria's Secret---hello free bras!

6)Elder Beerman (also retail)

7)A Tanning Salon

8)The Traveling Vineyard.....In home Wine Consultant....THIS was a fun job

9)Fire Insurance Underwriter

10)Health Insurance Underwriter

10 Things That Rock About Being ME

10)I live in a great city that has tons of cool stuff to do. Both for adults AND kids. We have the best college football team and awesome shopping. I never want to move.

9)My husband is the best man I have ever met. He is a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. Some might say I take a special person to put up with me.....he is it. I am lucky to have him and I am happy to be spending my life with my soul mate.

8)My kids kick ass. yeah, they don't respect sleep and I pretty much live as a zombie most days but they are so funny, sweet, cuddly and lovable that I just cant bring myself to sell them on eBay

7)I have a cool mom. Granted she gives me opinions more then I would like but other then that she is like a BFF....she is fun, likes to have a good time and makes me laugh with her randomness

6)My friends rock. I have the best friends EVER. My college girlfriends and I are still close...I love spending time with them and love watching as we all "grow up" together. Those of us that have kids....I love watching THEM grow up together.....those of you that still have that coming down the line....I cannot WAIT to help you plan your weddings and teach you how to not break your kids. My mommy board don't need me to tell you how much I love you all....we have something special that many people don't ever have in their lives, it has been unreal going on this journey with you all.

5)I scrapbook like a mad fool. Okay, so maybe not everyone will think this is something COOL....but I do. When God made me he seemed to forget to give me coordination (that went to my sister) or any sort of musical talent (brother) athletic ability (sister again) but he DID give me enough talent to take semi decent pics and put them all together in pretty little packages that I call scrapbooks. And like I tell Joe (usually when he is pissed at how much money my "talent" costs) Preserving our family memories is hard work.

4)Not only do I have a job....I have one that I like. I have been fortunate enough to work for the same company for 11 years. I have never had a supervisor that I did not like, I have made very close friends here that make the time go by fast, and my mom works one floor up.

3)I grew up in and still have a very close extended family. My mom is one of 7 kids....I have tons of cousins and my grandparents on this side are still alive. Holidays are chaotic but they are fun. I'm glad that my kids are growing up with all of these crazy people too.

2)I take pride in being a good person. If I love you I will do anything for you. I am honest to the point of being blunt, I will not lie to you (except when I shop at the scrapbook store) and if you need me to cut someone for you I will. Nothing pisses me off more then someone doing something shady to someone I love.

1)And the last thing that rocks about being me......I have the MAD capability to nap at any given time. Not in a narcolepsy kind of way but if I need a nap I can nap like it is my JOB. None of this half asleep on the couch with the TV on crap (JOE). I'm talking full on jammies in the bed with my curtains drawn. Now I'm tired.

I hope you enjoyed my 100th post. If you didn', never mind. I will be nice today.

203 people fed my need for attention:


That was great! I love the 100 things idea and the 100 comments idea too! Congrats:0)

Kati Sue*

We have ALOT in common! I Love ANTM.. and Harry Potter.. Titanic is seriously one of the best movies ever! I am a HUGE video game nerd. I HATE the taste of beer.. I love scrapbooking.. I actually just finished up my daughter 1st year book and I plan to post pics of that soon!

I plan to read your favorite blogs posts here soon! Congrats on reaching 100 blogs! I can't wait to have more followers!!


Damn! Thought I would be first! Oh well, third ranks me right up there in stalker status! But Sandy is queen stalker! :) Love this post! May have to steal the idea! :)


I wanted to be first! Oh well, 4th is the new first :O)

Mommy of M's

Great post!! Congrats on 100.

There was a Lee's where I grew up too. I worked at KFC!, and a tanning salon too.


ok cammie! here it is comment number one :) (thanks for liking my tattoos ) so i am going to bed now but i will be up later and at work all night and i swear it i will be sure you have 100 comments by the end of the night :) i will also type a quickie post ( ha ha i said quickie) and send people your way ( all 2 of my followers ) ggod luck!

Janna Bee

Wow, there is so much good here! I don't really know where to start. Congratulations on 100, can't wait to read 100 more!

Shalee- Be Speechless

Yeah congrats on having a 100th post!!! The 100 things about you was neat too :D
Its so hard of thinking of 100 things about yourself but you split it up between categories, genius... :D


Congrats on 100 posts! Loved the lists!

Susan in the Psych Ward

Congrats on the 100th post!!! Loved reading it... Hope you get your 100 comments!!!! I'll spread the word!


You're always so sweet about commenting on my blog, and every time you do, I feel the love. You are my loudest cheerleader! Here's some love right back atcha! XOXO

Kelly Syferd

Awesome!! Congrats on 100!


This is a great idea for your 100th post, Cammie! I loved reading all the things about you! I hope you get your 100 comments!!!!!!

The Rambler

Woot Woot....(hands in the air, like you just don't care) :)

Happy 100th.

I just KNOW you'll get 100 comments...:)


Found your blog after the a co-worker linked his blog to your Dragon post, and have followed you ever since. You always provide a laugh! Congrats on 100 posts, and I am looking forward to many more.

Kristina P.

I read Flowers in the Attic when I was in 5th grade, and it scarred me for life.

Oh, and I LOVE blue cheese.

Bee and Rose

That was a fabulous hot 100, Cammie with a C! You should schedule a wine tour around the world to celebrate! (or just go to the liquor store and buy a wines from different countries...much cheaper...)

Congratulations on your 100th post!
You are an amazing writer and I love coming to visit you every day!


Bee and Rose

OH! I will go give you some linky love on my current post right now!


Yay for 100! I hope you get 100
comments...that would be so cool.

It's so fun to learn more about you...I totally agree about LOSt. It's driving me crazy but I have to know what/when happened ;-)


You make lots of library folks laugh, including me. Keep it going. btw Jimmer sent me.


Love your blog, so in return I'm doing my part to help you reach your goal.

Alexis AKA MOM

Check out all those followers, I could only wish :). Maybe one day I'll be that cool! Love the post, happy 100th post!


Your 100th post was awesome !
(& Twilight ROCKS !)


Great 100th post...congrats and here is to 100 more!! I hope you get your 100 comments!


Here's ya one more of those 100 comments Cammie!!!

I'm right there with ya watching EVERY "America's Next Top Model" and every "American Idol!" I'm addicted to reality tv!!!

Happy 100th!


I loved your 100 idea! I think this gets you 25% of the way there! Good luck girlfriend!

Jim Brochowski

1/4 of the way. Yay Cammie!


Happy 100 post day!! You have to know that this comment is 100% heartfelt, as I have been in a semi "blog hiding" for the last few days! ;)
I hope you get all your wished for comments!!


Hahaha Awesome post! Love it! =D


I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm glad I did...You are one funny lady!
Congrats on your 100 post!

Emily and Drew



Yep, 100 reasons why I love you. And guess what?! I finished your scrapbook last night, and was going to put it in the mail today, but remembered it was President's day; no mail.

Tomorrow. That sucker is going out in the mail tomorrow. I hope you like it!

If you don't, please lie. Thanks.

Congrats on 100 posts!


Oh, Cammie...we were MFEO (made for each other)
I also: LOVE Shag the movie, hate wine, and, of course, the name thing. I am CONSTANTLY introducing myself as "Kami, with a 'k'" AND if it is in person, I even sign a "k" with my fingers! I hate "Tammy" whoever the hell that bitch is!

Amy Klatt Cavaliere

two things...
1.) i love, love, love the time traveler's wife! such a good book!
2.) i'm severely hurt and disappointed that moorestown/philly is not on your list of favorite places you've been.

love you whore!
your favorite klatt sister


You are great!

Coastal Belle

Stoping by from SITs. I too am a Huge Goonies fan. Great post


yeah, that was nothing short of AWESOME!!! Love it Cammie, and love you! Took me ALL.DAY.LONG. to read it but I did it.I hope you succeed in you 100 comments! Let me know if I need to come back in here and do 50 more. LOL!


Congrats on 100 posts, Cammie! I'll have to check out the gossip girl books...I love the show!


This was a great idea for a post! I'm gonna start following AND give you a shout out over at my place!

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Happy 100th post! I think I love all of the books you do, and LOVED 90210 (I was a Dylan girl)

I'll come with you to the deserted island and we can scrap together;)



I don't do too much blogging on Mondays and Tuesdays (bc of adoption course) so I'm gonna come back and thoroughly read these later in the week (sorry-guilty of skimming right now!) But wanted to leave a comment anyways!


dude, you rock. I have been at this WAY longer and have a handful of followers. Yay for 100 posts!!

And I so know how you feel about the name. It's Kami. Like Tammy only WAY cooler.


Great post! Happy 100! For some reason I cannot "Follow" you...


congrats on making it to 100~! here's to 100's of hundreds more!

Hey Mama where's my...

Cammie, you make me laugh so hard! I love your blog and congrats on the 100th! I LOVE the Biltmore House and would love to one day own it (as soon as I marry Edward Cullen). I am smart and put the library thing together hehehe! I may thieve this from you for my 100th post too, I just know everyone wants to know all about me lol~

The Boob Nazi

Here's my help toward your 100 comments!


Happy 100th! I agree with most of your favorite movies & I love Dunn River Falls too. I was also happy I didn't fall, but the guy in front of my did trip & stepped on my foot... OUCH!


Kitten sent me to help you get to 100 comments.

I had fun reading your 100 list. I tot hate beer and I am a scrapbooker as well.

Good luck getting to 100:)


I meant to say, I hate beer too. Sometimes my fingers go crazy.


YaYa sent me over. I love this post. Congrats on your 100th. I'll be back. Trish

The Wife O Riley

That was awesome!! Great to learn so much about you. Definitely come back to Chicago, I'll show you a great time with no beer, only wine.

Team Och

WooohooOO! Happy 100th!


Happy 100!!
I was a waitress at the Ground Round (only good thing about that was meeting my husband there). I worked at the Columbus library for years, was an underwriter recruiter (life and health), was an in-home wine consultant (wine shop at home) and if VC would give boobs away with their free bras, I'd definitely work there!


coming over to help you reach 100! congrats on your 100th post!

Funny in my mind

Here is an addition to your comments and here is some fuel for the insanity.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


Jenny and the Princess Peonies


congrats on the Big 100!! great post!


70 it will be 71 :) i guess i better get busy with these comments, but 70? thats freakin awesome


Almost 3/4 the way! Congrats on the 100th post!


ok 1st of all I totally did this same thing (but different topics for my top 10 lists) for my 100th post, and I asked for 100 comments! Great minds think alike, right!!? Crazy! 2nd of all, I realized we have even more in common than I thought! 3rd of all, you need to put this on McMommy's POW, and you will definitely get your 100 comments! Happy 100th post! :)


Kitten sent me... But then .. we hv nothing in ! Jus kidding.... i m a video game nerd too XD


Hurrah for your 100...I am celebrating mine on Sunday!!!!!


By the Way, There is a giveaway on Sunday!


Totally Cute!


Okay...I'll be back to read all of this, but it's early and I gotta get ready for work. LOL I agree though, on the tv show House. He's yummy....Happy 100th post!

Michele Horne

Wow, we have a LOT in common... I love Dirty Dancing (hoping to see the stage version in Boston soon) and House even earned a spot on my blog recently
Congrats on your 100, it is quite entertaining.


This was a great way to do your 100th post! Too many things to comment on but let's just say I share many of your likes, dislikes and I loved reading this list!

I think I am #80 so you are getting there!


What am I, like 80?! Common, almost there!!!!!
On the "Bones" thing: I LOVE the sexual tension between them, however, if they actually hook up it will signal the end of the show as they will have officially "jumped the shark." Google it...the Fonz, actual shark jumping involved. Ok, I'm done.

Lady with a View

Great list...i bet that took some time! Just found you blog through a link from ramblerwoman.

Good luck on 100 comments and your 100th post about the best 100 things about you (in groups of 10).


I am new here! What a great blog :) Happy 100th post!!!


That was a great post and a great way to learn more about you! Glad you stopped by to say hi :)
Congrats to your first 100... may there be many, many more!


Happy 100th!

I love this list..what a great way to celebrate!


Happy 100! I'm leaving a post even though I went to the University of Michigan. ;)


congrats on your 100th! i love finding other ohioans on here!

there are a lot of things you like that i like. one thing i haven't ever tried is scrapbooking, although how i would love to. i have so many things that would be good to turn in to scrapbooks, just to at least have them organized and out of boxes...

one day...

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!


Here's hoping you get OVER 100 comments...that would be even awesomer then just 100. Maybe like 101. You know just to top it off! Congratulations!


Great list, nice to meet you, visiting from Rambler's blog.
Go OSU! I went to Xavier down the road in Cincy.

Connie Weiss

I think that you like wine *almost* as much as I do!

Happy 100th Posts!


I just came back to see if you made it to 100 yet! It looks like you are close!


What a genius way to celebrate 100 things, i loved reading!! I was a serious doubter of the Twilight series, refused to even think twice about the books. But THEN one day about 2 weeks ago i got so sick of hearing about them that i borrowed a friends copy and was HOOKED after finishing the 2nd book LOL I just finished the 4th book this weekend and i'm in love! What a fnatastic series!!!! SO worth the hype ;D


You're almost there!

The Rambler

Just a couple more.....



Darn! I was hoping to be 100!


I'm all for you making it to 100! I found you from the blog! I must say I flinched when I saw Flowers in the Attic as one of your favorite books. I read that when I was 11 years old...can't believe my mom let me read that series....especially at a young age. Oh well... live and learn!


Very interesting 100 things, I hope you get your final few comments to make it to 100 as well. Neat idea!

Alexis AKA MOM

Hello there I thought I would stop by again to see how you're doing! Yeah I think I'm #98!!! Almost there, wow 100 comments in almost a day that rocks!

Right on girlie!!


Almost there! I came over from The Rambler. Congrats on the 100 posts.

Drama queens mum

I love your list. Yay, Boston is on your top 10 list. You're lucky that you never had to have a c-section. Pushing sucks. haha. I pushed for almost 4 hrs.

Jim Brochowski

I believe I'm 101. You deserve every one.
Big time props on an awesome blog.




Thank you guys SO much!!!! Very cool! Hope you all enjoyed my list and I hope if you are new you will be back!!!

The Bush Family

What an awesome 100th post!!! Congrats on hitting 100 I just hit mine too! Come over and leave a comment and You'll be entered into my fabu give-a-way!! and Congrats on hitting OVER 100 comments! :)


Congrats! I love this post!! I wanna see some of your scrap pages!! I've been doing digital scrapping... ever tried it?

Sandy Toes

Well, you are over your 100 fun! Congrats on your 100th post!
-sandy toe


Yay! You got over 100 comments. Congratulations. You like your job? Where do you work? Are they hiring?


yay - you got over 100 comments!!!

I enjoyed reading your post. :)


You made it over 100. Yay!

Fun list. I am going to France next month, but (unfortunately, I guess) it's Paris. I'm still excited!

The Wife O Riley

I'm so glad you got over 100!

Jenni Jiggety

Yaya sent me to help get you to 100...but I see you are already there!

Congrats! :::throws confetti:::


Yeah! made your goal! whoop whoop and all the funky dancing!



Okay, now I am a tad jealous.


Look at you with all your friends. I had to come back and see if you reached your goal. Hooray! Go girl and all that!!!


I was coming over here to help a sistah out, so here it is.......Comments galore, served up with a heaping spoonful of Tillamook Chocolate ice cream, (I just ate some, it is the best white chocolate swirled with milk chocolate plus chips mixed in, so yummylicious!) and you can have some too. I was sent by one of your pals, I also happen to belong to the Oregon chapter of Blogstalkers, and I feel that even though you already have your 100 comments, you needed one from Mr. and Mrs. Slug here at "Slug's Rest". We like to slide around on our bellies and visit other blogs, and giggle and cavort. You have a lovely blog, and a great bunch of bloggy friends. I have my work cut out for me, as I plan to visit each and every one of them who has posted here. It is teatime at Slug's Rest, I will be serving "Constant Comment"! Hello to Christine, and to Tam from Apple Creek Cottage and YakkityYakYak, it is so fun to come out and play! Wheeeee! Love ya! Love, Mrs. Slug!

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books Inc.

Well if those are your fav books you should def check out our blog! It is all about Harry Potter/ books that any Harry Potter lover would love! So glad to see that you reached your goal! Keep up the great work! We will def be following this blog.


What a great blog! I love your lists too..I might borrow the idea if that is OK?

Kitten sent me :) We are fellow SITStas...

Have a great day!


Well shit! I thought I commented, but now I remember I was holding out to be the 100th drugged up, pasted out and forgot to check back.
FLICK! Oh well. YAY for getting 100 comments. You're the BOMB!!


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