Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cammie.....with a C like Cat.....

Really.....is it REALLY that hard to get? My name is not Renesmee for pete's sake (inserting Twilight remarks whenever I can) 33 years ago when my father picked my name out of a book he was reading I don't think he knew the lifetime of repetition I would endure. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE my name. For the most part it is very unique (save the OTHER "Kami" I went to school with who almost got my ass kicked once....no I did NOT sleep with your boyfriend thankyouverymuch that would have been the OTHER Kami). There were times when I was younger that I longed to be a Jessica or a Jennifer....those bitches could ALWAYS find their name on a key chain...or on those pretty plaques that tell you what each letter of your name stands for....CAMMIE on the other hand....not so much. As an adult in the work place I have THIS conversation every day

"Hello this is Cammie"


"No Cammie, with a C"


"No, Cammie with a C...like Cat (or CANTYOUHEARMEASSHOLE)

"Ohhh, Carrie"

"yes, this is Carrie, how can I help you?"

I have also answered to Connie, Pammie, and once...CARMIE....WTF??

My favorite conversations are the ones where the person hearing my name is just baffled.....like I just told them that my name was Ima Crackwhore. I actually had someone respond upon hearing my name with a "huh" not "huh?" more like a sound like he was pondering whether or not I was telling the truth.

Having my name spelled correctly the first time? Forget it. Do you know how many ways there are to spell Cammie/Cami/Kami/Kammy/Cammy/Kammie? And those are just the spellings that you can actually find in the baby books....forget the parents that want to make it all weird like Kaimi.

In an effort to have MY name on a pretty plaque saying what it means (and not doing it myself...because what is the fun in that?) I enlisted the help of my good friend Erin....It is not a plaque....but it will do

Faithful annual scrapbook Camp attendee!

Brutally honest Font size And loyal friend!

Enjoys a bottle of Moscato, a good book and a nap!

adores her kids deFont sizespite the fact they Make her anxious!

Cannot go anywhere unless her cell phone Is attached to her hip!

A fierce love and addiction for all things Edward Cullen!

22 people fed my need for attention:


I always get, "Nancy?" No, Angie, "Anzie?".....NO ANGIE....I don't think I mumble....but come one people!!!


I feel you girl. Which is why I go by my first name now as an adult.
Even as easy as my name is... I still get called Michelle, Melanie, Mel.
No a$$H.It's MELISSA!

L & W

Girl, try living with WINNIE all your life! Not short for Winnifred or Gwendolyn or Gwyneth. Just plain simple WINNIE. I get Windy, Wendy, even Willie. What was my mother thinking?


LOL doesn't it crack you up, I think I've had Alex, Alexandra and Elizabeth (yup so close).

I roll called under you again, Yeah!!


LOL My name is pretty common, but I still get Meeghan? Nope. M-E-G-H-A-N? Nope, just plain ole M-E-G-A-N. Der!

Love your name meaning! ;0)


Dude, my name is Kelly. Not hard, right? Yeah. I get Callie, Cammie, Kerry, Terry, etc. People are just stupid, it really doesn't have anything to do with what your name is.

And I want to know what name Melissa USED to go by. Whore?


LOL that is why I bought the transformers that don't really transform ... Ha-ha (Evil laugh)! Oh yeah I'm a mean mom :).


I TOTALLY understand. As a Janice, oops, Janet oops, JANNA I have had my fair share of mix ups. Plus I have only found my name with two N's on shoelaces once. And of course I bought them.


lol I could never find my name on any of those stupid keychains or plaques either! I don't even know what I get... most people just stare at me when I say my name like "huh?" but at least not "huh" lOl that cracked me up!


Kelly....I was thinking there were only SO many ways to pronounce SKANK...and the best part is....chances are good she wont ever come back here and see this.

Kristina P.

That's so weird! Your name seems so straightforward to me. But I get called Kristy, or Kristin, all the time.

Susan in the Psych Ward

I went to high school with a, get this now, CAMMIE!!! Yes, that's how she spelled it and that's how I spell it!! So, there you go... one more in the world!!



Yup, I'm Alicia-pronounced A-lish-a
NOT pronounced A-leesh-a, which is what ppl decided to call me my whole life.

Once I got the nickname Yaya 5 years ago it stuck and I love it!

The Wife O Riley

I can never find anything with my daughters' names on them. Emerson and Vivienne.

One day they'll put it in their tell-all books.

Vivienne is going to become more because of stupid Angelina.


I feel your pain with the name game! I think the way you spell Cammie is cute, btw! Thanks for stopping by my saucy blog. All the best for '09 to you and your family!

3 Bay B Chicks

This is one of the funniest posts I have read in quite a while. I literally choked on my morning cup of tea when I read the part about the keychain.

Cammie, I think you and I should form a club. I even came up with an opener for our group meetings..."Hi, my name is Francesca and I have NEVER been able to find my name on one of those bicycle license plates." (I know you must be able to feel me on this one!)

Yeah. Try being in primary school with a 9-letter name that no one can say, let alone spell.

Let me know when I should launch the support network. :)

Happy New Year!


Trying to Stay Calm!

~HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009~ Thanks for being such a sweet friend to me! L♥ve Ya L♥ts! (((HUGS))) :) Shauna


Hello. I came to check you out since you came to see me from SITS. Thanks for visiting! You are hilarious - I laughed out loud at "Ima Crackwhore"! My son said, "what's so funny?"

My husband's name is Tripp. I'm sure you can imagine what he's had to endure! A fair share of comments like, "were your parents high when they named you?". Or, "do you fall down a lot?". So when he says his name, people ALWAYS need him to repeat it.


Oh I feel your pain. And it totally wasn't me who slept with that dudette's boyfriend. Shame on her, she gives us a bad name!

I just spell my name.

Random stranger: What's your name?
Me: K - A - M - I
Random stranger: Kay - m - I?
Me: no, that would be Kami. Like Tammy only cooler.

And my last name? That gets spelled too....


LOL!! this was so great...but imagine living with my name :
as in jim-aye.

lol i love my name but holy cow has it made life difficult ;D


Oh, how I feel your pain. How hard is it to spell Taren? Apparently really really hard. And don't even try to get someone to say it. Karen with a "t" people! Karen with a T!

Say hello to your newest follower! Me!


You had me at Edward.... Purrrrr...

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