Friday, November 21, 2008

Is it just me or.....

Are these parents that are using the "safe haven law" to drop of their children that they just cant parent for discipline reasons taking total advantage of this system? The safe haven law to my understanding is meant to be for women who want to give their NEWBORNS up for adoption in mostly anonymous situations in lieu of leaving them somewhere to die. I picture the teenage girls who hid their pregnancies and want to give their child a safe place without letting anyone know what happened. What I don't picture is mother's who have raised their children into their teenage years only to decide that they can no longer handle them and just want to give up and get rid of them. Maybe I am being naive seeing as my biggest discipline problems at the parenting stage that I am at is getting them not to snatch toys from each other but I just cannot see EVER being at a point with my children where instead of getting them help I would just give up and leave them not knowing what kind of circumstances that would lead them to. Yet it is happening all over the place. Seems like I have seen numerous stories where this is happening on the news....and the parents want to remain anonymous.....of course they do.....

Yes, I am seeing the Twilight movie at one today. I'm sure I will update on that later.

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I totally agree! I mean, what the hell are they thinking? If you can't be a responsible adult and raise your kids to be good (or I suppose 'bad' in these situations??) human beings, DON'T FRICKIN HAVE KIDS!! Kids are not disposable. Uh, pisses me off, too.


I agree. It's a gross abuse of the system.

Larry, Megan, Gavin and Rachael

What is really crappy is that parents have been doing this for years! I workfor CPS and we call this a RAPR (rapper) case. Refusal to accept parental responsibility. It happens ALL the time with teenagers and many times the parents want to relinquish their parental rights just so they don't have to pay child support to the state. It's insane. I cannot imagine it either yet I see it everyday.

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