Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Im thankful part deux: or, The Sarcastic Version...

I am thankful for grapes.....and fermentation. Im thankful for red and white grapes and for blending of the two, I do not discriminate....I am thankful for all grapes.

I am thankful for scrapbook stuff.....and for the fact that I dont think Joe really has any idea how much money I have put into "preserving our memories", I am thankful for Archivers for having the best scrapbook stuff with which to preserve those memories. I am thankful that I miraculously seem to know what to do with all of this scrapbook stuff seeing as I seem to have missed the athletic, musical, or other talent genes that my brother and sister have.

I am thankful for my iPod....for giving me hours of entertainment at work in both the audio and video variety.

I am thankful for my Wii, and thankful for the fact that The Boy really cant play all that well so I dont have to share much

I am thankful for day care being open on Friday so that Joe and I can have a day together without having to wipe anyone's butt

I am thankful for a teacher at that same day care who is determined to have The Princess potty trained by the end of the year. I wish her luck with that.

I am thankful for Zoloft.....and so is Joe

I am thankful for my stash of unread books.....probably about 50....I love knowing I have my own personal library to pick from

I am thankful for Noggin and the Disney Channel for allowing me to sleep just a little big longer on the couch in the mornings after The Boy and The Princess wake up at dark o clock, and occasionally lets me go to the bathroom without a small person on my lap.

I am thankful for Tivo.....for allowing me to never miss an epidose of 90210, House, Bones, Cold Case, Top Model, Lost or Greek ( I also am apparently thankful for the people who write these shows)

I am thankful to Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series who has given me something new to obsess over since the Harry Potter series ended.

I am thankful for Edward Cullen.... even if he IS a fictional charicter....I am also thankful for Robert Pattinson...my new gimmee (move over Josh Hartnett) who plays him in the movie.....he can bite me anytime he likes.

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Casey's trio

Sarcastic or not, that really is a list to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

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